Mobile campaigns

Purchase mobile inventory

Mobile campaigns

All line items

  • All new line items you create will bid on both web and app inventory. However, in order to purchase mobile inventory, a line item must contain at least one appropriately sized creative.
  • If you want to target only mobile inventory, non-mobile inventory, or specific types of mobile inventory, you can use several mobile-related targeting settings.
Due to differences in device ID settings, advertisers may see fluctuations in delivery and performance when the device ID is unavailable.

Ads in mobile apps line items

If you want your ads to serve in mobile apps separately you can use an Ads in mobile apps line item. You may find this useful if:

  • You are getting started with advertising in mobile apps, and want a guided workflow that will keep app inventory separate.
  • Your existing line item relies on an audience list that doesn't have mobile users.
  • Your existing line item relies on third party brand safety settings that are incompatible with mobile apps.

Who sells mobile inventory?

See Supported exchanges for information on which exchanges offer mobile inventory in Display & Video 360.

To determine the volume of mobile impressions available, create an Inventory Availability report and include Device Type as a dimension.

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