Conversion counting for line items

In Display & Video 360, conversions are counted using Floodlight activities associated with individual line items.

Select Floodlight activities to use to count conversions

  1. Start by opening a line item, then scroll to the Conversion tracking section on the Line item details tab.

  2. In the list of your advertiser's Floodlight activities, select one or more Floodlight activities to use to count conversions for the line item.

  3. (Optional) To change what kinds of conversions are counted, click edit next to the Conversion counting row.

  4. (Optional) To change the length of time a visitor has to convert, click on a Floodlight activity's post-click window or post-view window, then change the number of days. This value starts at zero days. A window of 0 counts events within 24 hours, a window of 1 counts events within 48 hours, a window of 2 within 72 hours, etc. 

    Note: Display & Video 360 will apply the lookback window set on the creative over the one set on the line item.
    Read me if you use Campaign Manager

    If you use Campaign Manager, Floodlight activities will be constrained to the shorter lookback window, between what is set in your Floodlight activities in Campaign Manager and what is set in Display & Video 360. For instance,

    • If your window in Display & Video 360 is shorter than the Floodlight activity's lookback window in Campaign Manager, the effective window (the one that is used) will be the shorter Display & Video 360 window.
    • If your Floodlight activity's lookback window in Campaign Manager is shorter than the window in Display & Video 360, the effective window will be the shorter Campaign Manager window.
  5. Click Save once you're done.

For information on adding additional Floodlight activities, see Create a Floodlight activity.

Frequently asked questions

Can I control what type of conversions are counted?

Yes. You can set the way conversions are counted for a line item in a line item's Settings.

Conversions can be counted for line items the following ways:

  • All post-view and post-click conversions
  • Only post-click conversions
  • All post-click conversions and a customizable percentage of post-view conversions
Can I use more than one Floodlight activity to count conversions?

Yes. If a line item uses two or more Floodlight activities to count conversions, the number of conversions counted reflects the sum of all of the conversions counted by all of the Floodlight activities associated with the line item.

Do I need to count conversions for all line items?


For instance, sometimes you might not be interested in counting conversions, such as if you're running a brand campaign. In these circumstances, you don't have to select a Floodlight activity to count conversions for a line item.

Can I count conversions for mobile inventory?

Yes. For more information, see About mobile conversions.

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