Behavioral targeting

After you've run prospecting line items, the next strategy to use is "behavioral", or audience, targeting. Use behavioral targeting to refine your existing audiences and discover new audiences that are similar to your target audience.

Primary goal: Refine and discover new audiences for your ad campaign.

Research the available inventory in your vertical by using the Inventory Availability report in Display & Video 360.  Group by userlist or channel to estimate the reach. 

Suggested settings for this campaign

  • Use a bid of ~$1.50 to 2.50 to ensure that you win impressions.  Once the campaign is live, you can discover how many impressions are lost due to bid in the line item metrics. Bid up if you are unable to spend your daily budget. 
  • Set a frequency cap of 1 impression per day, depending on your budget.  Use the impression loss report to discover how many bids are lost due to frequency.
  • Exclude first-party audience segment pixels in targeting to ensure that your line item's reach consists only of users outside your existing audience.
Be aware of third-party data fees, which can cost between ~$.50 to more than $2 CPM, depending on the data provider and audience category.

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