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Inventory source targeting

An inventory source is an exchange or private deal that supplies buyable impressions to your line items. Unknown or unpermissioned inventory is inventory that is not classified into a targetable inventory source.

To purchase or exclude impressions from specific inventory sources, you have to set inventory source targeting for your line items. If you don't set any inventory source targeting, your line items will bid on inventory from all available inventory sources by default, including any exchanges that Display & Video 360 adds in future or any future private deals added to your Display & Video 360 account.

Learn about Display & Video 360's supported exchanges.

Target public inventory

Click the Public Inventory tab to target open auction or subexchange inventory. Open auction represents an exchange's inventory as a whole.

A subexchange is a subset of exchange inventory that has been categorized in Display & Video 360 to make inventory targeting and reporting easier.

Target private deals

If private deals (sometimes called "direct deals") have been set up for your advertiser, you can use the Private Deals tab on the inventory source targeting page to target your line items to specific private deals.

Additionally, any private deals that were configured for your advertiser on Google Ad Manager will be added automatically to your advertiser's private deals.


Frequently asked questions

If I exclude an entire exchange in the "Public Inventory" section, will I be blocking any private deals facilitated on the exchange?
  • No. Public inventory controls are completely separate from private deals.
Can I see my deals' CPM floors or rates, flight dates, etc?
  • Sometimes. This data is entered into Display & Video 360 when each deal is set up, and sometimes this information isn't available for a given deal when the deal is added to Display & Video 360.
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