Category targeting

Use category targeting to target your ads based on market verticals, and the content of webpages.

When you target a given category, you will also automatically target all of the subcategories underneath the parent category. For example, if you target "/Autos & Vehicles", you will also automatically target "/Autos & Vehicles/Personal Aircraft", "/Autos & Vehicles/Scooters & Mopeds", and so on.

How does category targeting compare to other types of content targeting?

Categories are more general than contextual keywords. For example, a category might be "Auto," but you could use contextual keywords to target content that refers to particular models of cars.


  • Web: With web inventory, category targeting only works with inventory that passes a URL in the impression's bid request; If an impression doesn't include a URL in its bid request, line items that target categories won't bid on it.
  • Apps: Category targeting is based on web page content, and doesn't apply to apps. To target apps, or groups of apps, use Apps & URLs targeting.
  • Latency: Any recent events or news may take several days to be targetable using category targeting.

Content needs to be categorized before it can be associated with specific keyword and category targeting, and this can take several days after the content is published. For this reason, keyword and category targeting doesn't work well with inventory consisting of new or frequently changed content (for example, news and social media sites).

Please note, Display & Video 360 doesn't use signals from exchanges to power keyword and category targeting. 

What categories are available?

The following is a list of the broad types of categories that are targetable:

  • /Arts & Entertainment
  • /Autos & Vehicles
  • /Beauty & Fitness
  • /Books & Literature
  • /Business & Industrial
  • /Computers & Electronics
  • /Finance
  • /Food & Drink
  • /Games
  • /Health
  • /Hobbies & Leisure
  • /Home & Garden
  • /Internet & Telecom
  • /Jobs & Education
  • /Law & Government
  • /News
  • /Online Communities
  • /People & Society
  • /Pets & Animals
  • /Real Estate
  • /Reference
  • /Science
  • /Shopping
  • /Sports
  • /Travel
  • /World Localities 

Each of the above categories contains many targetable subcategories. 

To get the most up-to-date list of targetable categories in Display & Video 360, create an Inventory Availability report and group by "Category".
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