App, channel, and website targeting

Target (or exclude from targeting) apps, channels, and websites in Apps & URLs targeting

Target apps, channels, collections, and websites

From the Apps & URL targeting option you can choose to target the following options:

  • Apps: Select this option to target individual apps for Android, iOS, and connected TV app stores. You can search for apps by name or app store ID. To search for apps by operating system, use the platform filter. Connected TV apps are bundled under a single platform (Connected TV) to help you search and target across devices and app stores.

  • Channels: Select this option to target a custom group of related websites or apps (mobile or connected TV). You’ll need to create channels in your Display & Video 360 advertiser for them to be available for targeting. Learn more

  • Collections: Select this option to target dynamic groups of related apps. For example, a collection called “Top selling free weather apps” will always be up to date. There’s no need to track the top weather apps or manually add channels to target them. You can filter the list of collections by platform and search for specific collections. You can also click “Included apps” link for each collection to see the list of specific apps included in the collection.

  • URLs: Select this option to target Individual websites and webpages. Use the search bar to search for specific URLs.

You can now target both iOS and Apple TV inventory with the same app ID. If you select an iOS app from Apps & URL targeting or add an iOS app ID to a channel, you can target that app across all mobile and connected TV Apple inventory.  include device type targeting if you want to target just mobile or connected TV inventory.

You can either include  Green check or exclude any combination of apps, channels, collections, or URLs.

To add apps and URLs in bulk, select the option to add multiple apps and URLs at once. Enter a list of app IDs and URLs, one item per line.


  • Line items can target a combined total of 10,000 individual apps and URLs. To target more than 10,000 apps and URLs in a line item, use channels. 
  • By default, if you target a given website (e.g., and that publisher has a corresponding mobile or connected TV app, Display & Video 360 will automatically target their app's inventory. If you only want to target web content, make sure you set your environment targeting accordingly. 
  • If you update targeting to an active line item, a few hours may pass before Display & Video 360 updates your line item's bidding accordingly.
  • Some CTV app bundles use a generic non-transparent ID (NTID) and contain inventory across multiple apps from the same parent company. Targeting, reporting, and brand safety are available from some premium CTV publishers using NTIDs including NBCU (ID: NBCU_STREAMING), EyeQ (ID: EyeQ), and FOX (ID: OneFox). Excluding these NTIDs does not exclude the individual apps within them, so you will need to explicitly exclude inventory you do not want to run on. 
  • Any URL associated with a Google domain (for example, and can't be added as placement exclusions.
  • Some apps prevent adding multiple apps to your targeting at once. Add apps individually or use SDF if you encounter an error while adding apps to your targeting in bulk. 

Block channels for an advertiser

You may see advertiser or partner channels that are blocked and not editable within Apps & URLs targeting. These must be edited from advertiser or partner targeting settings. See blocking a channel from your advertiser or partner to learn more.

View all targeted apps, channels, collections, and websites

Click Download composite list to see all apps, URLs, collections, or channels that have been included for targeting.

Display & Video 360 supports two levels of subdirectory targeting (for example,, and up to five levels of subdomain targeting (for example, URL paths that end in a specific filename are not truncated and are targeted as an individual page. 

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