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Instant deals help you reach relevant inventory and audience segments most valuable to you without relying on third-party cookies. You can create custom inventory packages by defining a targeting criteria using targeting options available from exchanges. The targeting options available from each exchange that offers instant deals may vary.

You can minimize the time needed to negotiate and activate a deal by consolidating your workflow within Display & Video 360, where you can automatically create instant deals, request forecasting data from exchanges to inform your decision, revise deals, and activate deals efficiently.  


Exchanges that have instant deals available:

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Magnite DV+

Instant Reserve deals for YouTube are available as instant deals. 

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How do instant deals work?

Instant deals use custom targeting criteria made available by exchanges to find inventory that matches your target content or key customer audience. 

When you create an instant deal and request a forecast for your instant deal, Display & Video 360 automatically sends a request to the exchange to provide forecasting data to help inform your evaluation of the deal before accepting the deal. 

When you accept an instant deal that aligns with your campaign goals, the exchange automatically creates the selected deal transaction type as supported by the exchange and sends it to Display & Video 360, where you can find it in My inventory.


You can create an inventory package using instant deals to access marketable segments even when third-party signals are unavailable or scarce. Here are some examples:

Connected TV inventory packages

It can be challenging to find targeting signals in open market auctions for Connected TV (CTV).

You can use instant deals to create an inventory package for CTV by setting Targeting and then Device to include Connected TV. This helps you find specific CTV inventory without relying on third-party cookie signals by using targeting criteria from the exchange.

Audio format inventory packages

It can be challenging to find targeting signals in open market auctions for audio format inventory as third-party cookie signals become scarce or unavailable. 

You can use instant deals to create an inventory package for audio formats by setting Targeting and then Format to include Audio formats. This helps you find audio format deals without relying on third-party cookie signals by using targeting criteria from the exchange.

Use instant deals

The following is a workflow overview for creating instant deals in Display & Video 360:

  1. Create an instant deal: Pick an exchange that offers instant deals. Create an instant deal that's a good fit for your campaign goals by defining your targeting criteria using the available targeting options.
  2. Request forecast data: Request forecasting data from the exchange. Get details about your deal to help you decide if you want to accept or change the deal. 
  3. Accept your instant deal: Once you decide that your instant deal is a good fit for your campaign goals, you go to Negotiations to accept it.
  4. Activate your deal: You can activate and begin targeting your instant deals by going to My inventory.
Tip: You can use the deal troubleshooter if you experience issues with your deal. Learn more about how to troubleshoot your deals and line items.

Create an instant deal

You can create an instant deal at the partner or advertiser level:

  1. Go to Inventory and then My Inventory.
    • Alternatively, you can also create an instant deal from Negotiations or Marketplace.
    • The instant deal icon  helps identify which exchanges have instant deals available.
  2. Under Orders and deals tab: Select New and then Instant deal.
  3. Choose the exchange.
  4. Choose New instant deal
  5. Enter the required information: 
    • Instant deal name: Enter a descriptive name to help identify the inventory package.
    • Commitment: If the exchange supports multiple commitment types you can choose the type. If the exchange only supports one commitment type this will automatically be selected for you.
    • Targeting: Identify your target inventory by defining your targeting criteria. The targeting options available may differ depending on the exchange. By default, the most commonly used targeting options are shown. Learn more about how to use dimensions to target inventory
      Note: You must use at least one targeting signal. You can add more signals by selecting Add more targeting.
    • Advertiser access: You can choose to Assign to all advertisers, or select individual advertisers to grant them access to the instant deal. You’ll be able to update the access permissions after you accept the deal.
  6. When done, choose Request forecast to instantly submit a proposal to the inventory seller.

Evaluate your instant deal

You can estimate the audience reach and scale of your instant deal by requesting forecast data from the exchange. This lets you create an instant deal that helps maximize your return on investment. 

Each exchange provides different types of data and it may take time to get data back from the exchange. 

To check the status of your forecast data:

  1. Go to Inventoryand then Negotiations.
  2. Select the instant deal to view from the list.

Common forecast data provided by the exchange include:

Forecast data Description
Total available Impressions

The estimated number of impressions based on a 7-day sample of historical data.

Tip: If your instant deal is forecasted to deliver 0 impressions, try changing your targeting and evaluate your instant deal again.
Total available uniques The estimated number of times your ad will be served for the first time within 24 hours based on a 7-day sample of historical data.

Forecasted bid curve chart

(Available for instant deals from Google Ad Manager)

This shows the relationship between the cost per mille (CPM) (x-axis) and the estimated number of impressions you may win out of the total available impressions (y-axis).

This data helps you plan the approximate CPM to improve your chances of winning the target number of impressions.

Revise your instant deal

If your instant deal doesn’t quite meet your goals, you can change your targeting criteria before you accept the deal. Once you update your instant deal, you can either request a new forecast or accept the deal without requesting another forecast.

Important: You won’t be able to revise the deal once you accept it. Alternatively, if you’ve already accepted the deal, you can create a new instant deal with new targeting criteria.

If you want to edit the criteria for an instant deal:

  1. Go to Inventory and then Negotiations.
  2. Select the instant deal you want to edit.
  3. Edit the field you want to update. 

You can choose to Revise and request forecast, Accept without forecast, or Discard changes.


Monitor the activity and progress of your instant deals as you would any other deal by creating an offline report or an instant report

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