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The Google Publisher Toolbar

Google Publisher Toolbar

The Google Publisher Toolbar is a Chrome extension that provides in-site ad overlays and details about the ad request, ad unit, order, line item, and creative. The ad overlay shows basic information. Click on the overlay to see details. Learn more about Google Chrome and Chrome extensions.

To use the Google Publisher Toolbar, you need to install it in Chrome and enable it for your DFP account. To view overlays on a particular site, you have to enable the overlays for that site. The Google Publisher Toobar works with the DoubleClick for Publishers API, so you need to ensure that the DoubleClick for Publishers API is enabled for your network.

If you use AdSense or DoubleClick Ad Exchange along with DFP, the Google Publisher Toolbar will provide information about those accounts as well. Learn more about using the Google Publisher Toolbar with AdSense or DoubleClick Ad Exchange.



For DFP, the Google Publisher Toolbar helps you to resolve issues such as:

  • What line item and creative is showing in a particular ad slot

  • Why an ad slot might be showing an unexpected line item or creative

  • Why an ad slot is blank



The Google Publisher Toolbar works with Google Publisher Tags (GPT), but doesn't work with every site layout or ad request. We don't guarantee that it will work on your site. We've designed the toolbar to work with the most common combinations of ad requests and page layouts, but if you've done something especially clever or unusual on your site, the toolbar might not be able to handle it. We're continually improving the toolbar so that it will work with as many sites and configurations as possible.

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