Available AMP pages and AMPHTML features in DFP

These tables provide a summary of features available with AMP pages and AMPHTML ads in DFP. 

AMPHTML ads can serve on both AMP pages (via the DoubleClick AMPHTML ad tag) and non-AMP pages (via the Google Publisher Tag). This includes both desktop and mobile web environments.

  • Consult the "Ads" section of the AMP roadmap for new innovations.
  • Future versions of AMP may have an expanded list of available features. You can read about any new AMP functionality on the public AMP runtime release notes.

Ad formats/creatives

Available Not available
  • Display ads (inline, sticky)
  • Rich media that doesn’t resize
  • Native (fixed)
  • Text
  • HTML5
  • Creatives must be HTTPS
  • Video ad availability depends on vendor
  • AdSense responsive layout
  • Interstitials
  • Expandable
  • Flash
  • Non-HTTPS
  • Rich media that resizes

Ad sizes

Available Not available
  • Static ad sizes (e.g., 300x250, 320x50, static size native ads)
  • Fixed-aspect ratio responsive ads that comply with AMP’s sizing framework
  • Multiple ad sizes in a single ad slot
  • You can use CSS Media queries to define different ad sizes based on viewports
  • “Fluid” size for Native. Learn more
  • Ads with sizes that are unknown at the time of the request.
  • Ads that change size automatically without using the resize APIs

Creative types compatible with AMPHTML

Available Not available
  • DoubleClick tag
  • Image animation
  • Mobile video interstitial
  • Native
  • SDK mediation
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