High-density image creatives

You can serve higher density versions of creatives to desktop and mobile devices that have high density displays.

Density is how many pixels appear within a constant area of the display; resolution is the actual number of pixels available in the display; size is the amount of physical space available for displaying the interface.

Many newer devices utilize high definition displays, with twice as many pixels as older devices. For example, a device with a display size of 320x480 can also render a 640x960 image (i.e., 2x density) in that space, resulting in a higher resolution image, and a better end-user experience.

Uploading high-density creatives

  1. You can upload creatives of 1.5x or 2x density in addition to the default of 1x density creatives. When adding a new image creative to a line item, click the Density drop down and select 1.5x density or 2x density (1x density is always included by default). An additional “Ad size” field is added for each density version.
  2. Upload creatives corresponding to the high density selections you made above.