Add and edit users

Manage who can access your network

Users are people who can view or manage the orders, line items, and other items in your DoubleClick network.

Each DoubleClick for Publishers user must have a Google Account. If the person you're adding already uses a Google product, such as Gmail or AdWords, they already have a Google Account and don't need to create a new one.

Permissions required
The "Edit users, roles, and teams" user role permission is required to add or edit users. The "Ad Exchange" permission is required to add and edit users with Ad Exchange permissions. Learn more


Add a new user

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Admin and then Access & authorization and then Users.
  3. Click New user.
  4. Enter the user's information in the fields.
  5. Select the appropriate user role.
  6. Click Save to save your settings and send an email invitation with sign-up instructions.

    The invitation email contains an expiration date. If the recipient doesn't respond to the email by the expiration date, the new user you've created in DFP will be deleted. If that happens, create the user again.

Edit a user

  1. In DFP, click Admin and then Access & authorization and then Users.
  2. Apply a filter, such as "Status is inactive" or "Name contains Michael", to narrow the list of users.
  3. Click the name of the user you'd like to edit.
  4. Edit the user's information and user role, as needed.
  5. Click Save.

Deactivate a user

When you deactivate a user, access to DFP is removed and the user's scheduled reports stop delivering. Any recipients of these schedule reports are automatically notified by email that report delivery has ended.

  1. In DFP, click Admin and then Access & authorization and then Users.
  2. Click the name of the user you'd like to deactivate.
  3. Click Edit under the user name to update the status from "Active" to "Inactive."

This change is saved and applied immediately. To re-activate a user, edit the user's status from "Inactive" to "Active".

How do I delete a user?
You can't delete a user from DFP, but you can deactivate a user to remove all access to your network.
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