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Step 4: Set up financial terms

Step 4 of 6: you can now create financial terms that reflect specific cases of revenue sharing

Financial term settings capture the financial details of an agreement—that is, how you will share revenue with the partner, such as a percentage of total revenue or, perhaps, a revenue share arrangement based on the CPM yielded. Associations capture exactly which partners or under which conditions that agreement applies.

An association is a container in which you can put partners. When you place a partner in an association, it means that the financial details you added under financial term's settings will apply to that partner. You can also add other items to an association, like ad units, video content, or a geographic location. In this case, the financial details you added under financial term's settings will apply to that partner only if the impression serves to that ad unit, or when that video content is playing, or when the impression serves to that geographic location.

The items you place in an association, then, work like targeting: they identify specific ad serving values (such as partners, inventory, or geographic location) to isolate impressions which should fall under the financial term settings to which the association belongs.

Financial term types

There are two types of financial terms you can create: default and override. The main difference between the two is the kinds of items you can target in associations. In addition, default financial terms can specify a guaranteed minimum payment, regardless of revenue generated.

When you're creating a financial term, you'll see that you have two types from which to choose:

Use this type if you only want to target partners or ad units. Select this type if you're to create a partner default financial term.

DFP Video

DFP Video customers: you can target content partners with this type of of financial term. If you need to also target specific video content belonging to a content partner, use an override financial term.

Use this type to create financial terms that will contain more specific values beyond just partners and ad units or videos.

DFP Video

Learn more about how DFP Video customers can manage financial terms with affiliate/distribution partners, content partners, and rights holders in Managing financial terms for DFP Video.

You can get procedural steps on how to create a financial term in Create financial terms. To learn more about how DFP decides which financial terms to apply when there are similar financial terms, see How DFP determines which financial term to apply.

Targeting values in financial terms

You can target associations within financial terms to a variety of items, from partners ad units to specific line items or geographic locations. You can learn more about the kinds of values you can target in Target financial terms.

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