Partner and rights holder revenue reports


DFP provides a variety of metrics that show the break down of revenue share with your partners for a given period. If you're not familiar with running reports in DFP, take a look at the articles under Run reports, where you can learn about how to generate and schedule a report and save a report for later among other things.

You can run the following revenue reports for financial terms:

  • Partner revenue (affiliate/distribution partners)
  • Content partner revenue
  • Rights holder revenue

Reports initially default to a list of all partners (of a given type) or rights holders and summary totals. The metrical available are:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks Total CTR
  • Gross revenue
  • Host revenue (your revenue)
  • Host eCPM (your eCPM)
  • Revenue for your partner or rights holder
  • eCPM for your partner or rights holder

From list of partners or rights holders, you can drill down and get these detailed metrics for ad units (affiliate/distribution partners) or videos (either content partners or rights holders).

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