About network partners

Transition to the new NPM UI on DFP

This improved version of Network Partner Management (NPM) is in open beta, and the new UI is only available on DFP. This replaces the legacy NPM UI, which is available on Ad Exchange and will be deprecated after May 1, 2018. Help Center documentation is no longer available for the legacy version.

We recommend using the improved DFP NPM UI now for your mapped Ad Exchange account. To use the new UI:

The NPM UI in DFP can be accessed by clicking Admin and then Network partners.


Small publishers can use the accounts of larger Ad Exchange publishers like you to help monetize inventory. Many publishers act as a sales house for third-party content owners, otherwise known as network partners, for whom they manage ad inventory. Network partnerships allow publishers to use Ad Exchange to monetize this inventory within the same account used for their fully owned and operated inventory.

How inventory is shared

Once network partners successfully complete an approval process, they give you authorization to run ads on their sites within the same account used for your fully owned and operated inventory. In essence, their inventory becomes part of your inventory. However, there’s a clear distinction between the two inventory types: one is owned and operated (O&O), and the other is represented. All Ad Exchange functionality is available for this inventory, including reporting and estimated revenue for each network partner.

Set up network partners

A publisher cannot provide partners with access to the interface; the partners don't have their own Ad Exchange account. Setting up network partners is separate from inventory management. Therefore, after you invite network partners and classify their domains/apps, publishers need to create tags and URLs for their network partners and set up rules for that inventory. Learn how to add network partners.

Policy guidelines

Approved network partners must abide by policy, including the monetization of compliant content. As primary account holders, publishers are responsible for network partners’ adherence to the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller Program Guidelines.

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