What's new in DFP and Ad Exchange Seller

Release notes for June 11, 2018

Report and optimize

Report on impact of non-personalized ads settings (Beta) 

Compare performance based on whether you have elected to show users in the European Economic Area (EEA) only non-personalized ads in an effort to comply with Google's EU User Consent Policy. This can help you determine the revenue impact of selecting non-personalized ads settings. Select the new "Serving restriction" dimension to see these numbers. Learn more

"CreativeSizeDelivered" Data Transfer field now available (Beta) 

The new "CreativeSizeDelivered" field is now available for all users in DFP Data Transfer. This field displays the actual size of the creative served from DFP or Ad Exchange, which also matches the creative size reported in Ad Exchange. Learn more

“Browser” and "Domain" dimensions in historical reports (Beta) 

The following dimensions are now available in Historical reports in the DFP Query Tool:

  • Browser: Report on the name and version number of the user's browser.
  • Domain: View performance by top private domain name, such as "example.co.uk".

Coming soon

  • Ad Exchange Seller UI deprecation
    In a few months, we'll be deprecating the Ad Exchange Seller interface. You can use DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to access the same product features that are available in Ad Exchange. Learn more
  • Deprecation of SDK Mediation creatives
    The SDK Mediation creative type will soon be deprecated and stop delivering to mobile app content. Use DFP yield groups instead. Learn more
  • Change to mobile app impression counting for direct Ad Exchange tag requests
    Mobile app ads requested directly from Ad Exchange tags, not through DFP, will soon count an impression when the ad is displayed. Learn more

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