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What's new in DFP and Ad Exchange Seller

Release notes for October 16, 2017

Traffic and deliver ads

Deprecation of Ad Exchange UI tags in DFP Ad Exchange line items

Ad Exchange UI tags in the “code snippet” field of DFP Ad Exchange line items have been deprecated for some networks. If you recently received a UI notification about this change, it means your network is affected.

For all traffic from DFP, you can no longer use Ad Exchange UI tags in rules, deals, and reporting in Ad Exchange, but you may replace them with DFP targeting (ad units, key-values, and placements). Use our guide to restructure your Ad Exchange configuration and remove the Ad Exchange UI tag.

If you don't make any changes, Ad Exchange UI tags will no longer be included in your DFP ad requests. Any rule or deal that targets an Ad Exchange UI tag will no longer be matched with ad requests from DFP. Monetization will continue, but will do so via other rules and deals, as Ad Exchange tags associated with DFP line items will no longer be sent.

This doesn't impact Ad Exchange UI tags placed directly on website pages or on third-party ad servers.

Report and optimize

Updated change history archive

The process to view changes made more than 14 months in the past to ad units, line items, and other objects has been updated. Change information not visible in change history remains accessible in downloadable archive files. Learn more

Manage your Data Transfer settings

If you use Data Transfer, you can now update your file configurations in the Admin section of DFP.


Coming soon

  • Upcoming feature retirements
    To simplify DFP and Ad Exchange, we'll be retiring some features:
    • Report dimensions, metrics, and report types
      To further fine tune DFP reporting, we'll be retiring some dimensions, metrics, and report types on a rolling basis. As part of this, we'll mark the "Ad server code served count" metric as deprecated. Learn more
    • Ad Exchange Open Offers
      On November 1, 2017, we'll retire Ad Exchange Open Offers to simplify the workflow.
    • Publishing products to Marketplace
      As of November 16, 2017, publishing programmatic guaranteed products to the Marketplace will be retired. You'll no longer be able to create new products to be published to the Marketplace, and existing products will be unpublished.

      This change also affects publishers using DFP Programmatic with sales management. You can still create new products and use existing products for traditional and programmatic sales, but the Marketplace rate card will be converted to a conventional rate card. As a result, existing products associated with the Marketplace rate card will be unpublished from the Marketplace and no new products will have the option to publish to the Marketplace.

  • Changes to Ad Exchange Seller Program Guidelines
    We're updating the "Seller Partner Policies" section of the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) Seller Program Guidelines to clarify Seller Partner inventory and registration. These changes will take effect no sooner than October 30, 2017.
  • DFP First Look will only transact on primary linked account
    On December 1, 2017, DFP First Look will only transact on your primary linked Ad Exchange account. Networks that previously enabled First Look on non-primary accounts will soon stop transacting in First Look. This does not affect traffic otherwise set through Ad Exchange line items.
  • New Data Transfer files to record requests and served impressions
    With the transition to downloaded impressions, new Data Transfer files will soon be available to record requests and served impressions (also known as code serves). These new files will be provided along with the existing impressions file type at no additional cost.
  • Changes to targeting behavior for deactivated entities
    Currently, if you deactivate an entity (such as site targeting, mobile apps, or key-values) that is targeted in Ad Exchange rules, that entity continues to be targeted in the rules. For consistency with DFP line items, we'll soon change Ad Exchange behavior so that deactivated targeted entities are ignored by rules and deals.
  • New interface design
    We'll soon update how DFP looks to align with other Google products, such as AdSense and AdMob. Functionality will remain unaffected, but navigation and other elements will be customized to optimize your daily work.

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