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A company is typically an advertiser or agency that buys ad space and supplies the creatives for line items. Some companies you add to DFP might also be partners with whom you have revenue sharing or ad serving relationships.

Each order is associated with a company (advertiser or agency), and you can invite company contacts to view reports about their campaigns.

To add a company, such as an advertiser or agency, to DoubleClick for Publishers:

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Admin and then Companies.
  3. Click New company.
  4. Select the company type.
    You can't change company type once you save the company information.
  5. Enter the company name.
  6. You have the option to apply labels to advertisers. Labels applied to advertisers can be used to manage competitive exclusion, which prevents line items from competing advertisers from serving to the same time.
  7. Optionally include general contact information for the company, such as phone, email and street address.
  8. Click Save.

Company types

The company type depends on the organization's business function and what your relationship is to that organization. In addition to advertisers and agencies, some companies can be other publishers or organizations with which you have a business relationship, which is managed in DoubleClick for Publishers. Some company types are only available if you have additional features enabled in your DoubleClick for Publishers environment.

Ad network: Company representing multiple advertisers and agencies.

Advertiser: Advertising organization purchasing your site inventory.

Agency: Organization managing ad accounts for clients.

House advertiser: Organization in your company representing ads that promote your site.

House agency: Organization in your company managing ad accounts that promote your site.

Check out the DFP Admin Fundamentals training module. 

 Some content might not apply to DFP Small Business.

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