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Video ad tags

Video features might not be enabled for your network. For more information, talk to your account manager.
DFP Video: Video Ad Tags (6:35)

Video ad tags contain all the information required for a video ad request, including information about the master video ad and, if applicable, its companion ads. The video ad tag collects this information within DFP. Video ad tags have two parts:

  • Master video tag: A URL used by the video player to retrieve the video ad.
  • Companion tags: Javascript in the webpage that indicates where the companion ads should show.

The scenarios below illustrate two different video ad configurations. The master video tag is the same in both scenarios, but the companion tags are different.

  • Scenario 1: Auto-play video with one companion.
    With auto-play videos, companion ads load immediately because the video starts immediately. In this scenario, the companion ad always relies on the master video ad, and the two load simultaneously.
  • Scenario 2: Click-to-play video with one companion.
    With click-to-play videos, a regular, non-companion ad could load in the companion slot before the video starts. Then, when the video starts, the companion ad replaces the regular ad. In this scenario, the companion ad slot is treated as a regular ad slot before the video starts, and it can show any ad that fits. Once someone starts the video, the companion ad slot becomes a true companion to the master video ad slot.
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