Reporting enables you to view data for ads trafficked through Campaign Manager. It organizes performance data from your campaigns and makes it useful to you.

  • The Summary tab gives you an overview of campaign performance and lets you drill down to see the details. Learn more about Summary reports

  • The Insights tab helps you understand the performance of campaigns at a glance and uncover important information that can be used to improve future campaigns. Learn more about Insights

  • Report Builder enables you to run highly customized reports that you download as spreadsheets. Learn more about Report Builder

  • The Attribution tab enables you to view Multi-Channel Funnels reports to understand the role that specific channels played in your conversions. Learn more about Multi-Channel Funnels

  • Verification checks your tags to make sure they are well-formed and provides quick statistics on geo-targeting and default ad rates. Verification also indicates the domains and URLs where your ads serve, and classifies your page content into categories. Learn more about Verification

Changes to Reporting permissions can take up to two hours to be reflected in Report Builder.
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