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If this is your first time uploading content, start by testing a small number of items. Once you’re more familiar with the process and tools available, we encourage you to upload as much content as you have available in a digital format.

Please only upload content you have the right to upload, and ensure that all content uploaded complies with the appropriate Terms of Service and Content Policies

Have a large number of items to upload? Use the advanced import feature to submit items in bulk.

Upload content

In the Items page icon Items manager, click the arrow next to Add new items select Simple import. Choose from one of the following upload options:

  • Upload: To upload one or more supported media files from your computer 
  • Video search: Search YouTube for publicly available videos
  • YouTube Video: Enter the URL of a publicly available YouTube video
  • Your YouTube videos: Select one of your own YouTube videos

Add item details (metadata)

Click an item to open the item editor and add metadata details. The more detailed and comprehensive information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for users to search for and discover your content, and the more engaged they will become with your site and exhibits.

  • Title: the text provided here is always shown along with the item (required)
  • Content type
  • Date Created: when the item was originally created; for example, when a painting was painted. Providing this information is strongly recommended, as you can then use tools like "sort by date"
  • Creator: the name of the original creator of the item; for example, the artist. If provided, this is shown next to the title of the item
  • Description: details about the item that are not already included in other fields (optional)
  • Add additional data based on your content type as shown in the metadata templates

Details can also be provided in multiple languages, learn how to add translations for your item details.

To add item details for many items at once, it may be quicker to use the advanced import features.

You can also read more about how to tag items here

Choose where to publish

By default, uploaded content is not publicly visible. You can check how your item will appear to viewers by clicking Preview at the top of the item editor.

If you're ready to make the item visible publicly, select one or more of the publishing options in the panel on the right hand side of the item editor.

You may prefer to keep items inaccessible until you publish them within an exhibit at a later stage.

Learn more about the different publishing options available.

Save changes

When you have finished describing your item, click Save.

You can make further changes after you have saved the details. Click Save again to update the item and make any changes publicly visible for a published item, or Discard changes to undo any edits you have made.


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