Provide metadata translations in bulk

Use the advanced import feature to provide item metadata translations

If your collection is large, you may have already used the advanced import feature to manage item metadata. This feature also allows item metadata translations to be added and modified in bulk.

If you are not yet familiar with the advanced import feature, be aware that to use it you must be comfortable with Google Sheets, CSV files or XML. There is a simpler approach for providing translations one item at a time, which can be used as an alternative to the more advanced method described below.

Providing bulk metadata translations in Google Sheets

To add a translation for a particular field in your Google Sheet, add /lang after the corresponding field name in the header row, where lang is the two-digit BCP 47 language code.

...      title/en title/fr title/ja ...     
... Mona Lisa La Joconde モナ・リザ ...

See here for a list of common language codes

Providing bulk metadata translations in CSV format

Before using the advanced method, it may help to provide translations for a single item using the item manager method. Then, if you export the metadata file for this item, your exported metadata file will provide a template that includes all of the fields you'll need. This is particularly helpful when using the CSV format.

Here's how to provide translations in bulk:

Download all item metadata

  1. Open the Items page icon Items manager
  2. Click the arrow next to the Add new items button
  3. Choose either Export metadata as CSV or Export metadata as XML depending on which format you prefer


 Your browser will download a file containing all item metadata in your chosen format

Add translations to exported metadata

  1. Open the exported file in a suitable editor e.g. a spreadsheet application
  2. Add translations for each metadata field as appropriate for the format you've chosen
  3. Once the translations have been added, save or download the file as Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Import translated metadata

  1. Open the Items page icon Items manager again
  2. Click the arrow next to the Add new items button
  3. Choose Advanced import
  4. In the "Advanced Import" dialog click Upload CSV/XML
  5. Select the modified file and proceed to upload it
  6. If you receive any errors, review the syntax of your file and try to upload it again

It may take some time for the modified metadata to be processed and update the metadata of the items in your account. You can review and modify translations for any item individually using the item manager, see translate item details for step by step instructions.

Learn also how to translate other content such as exhibit captions and website information.

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