About Comparison Shopping Service Center

About Comparison Shopping Service Center [Hero Image]

In countries that are part of the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland, merchants participate in Shopping ads through one or several Comparison Shopping Services (CSSs) of their choice. Some CSSs manage product data and campaigns on behalf of the merchant, while others provide tools allowing merchants to manage their setup themselves.

Comparison Shopping Service Center (CSS Center) allows CSSs to gain an overview of their business, manage merchant accounts, view performance data, and explore opportunities for the merchants they represent.


Comparison Shopping Service Center [Benefits Cards]

With CSS Center, CSSs can:

  1. Access Merchant Center accounts through a single point of entry
  2. Access information in aggregate when viewing all associated accounts
  3. Deep dive into any specific CSS domain
  4. Identify potential issues at an aggregate level and examine reasons for disapproval
  5. Manage CSS users and control access to affiliated CSS domains & associated merchants


All CSSs that have signed up as a CSS on Google have access to CSS Center. Please note that the CSS Program is limited to the European Economic Areas (EEA), the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Learn how to sign up as a Comparison Shopping Service

How it works

CSS Center is a free platform on which you can get an aggregated view of the merchant accounts you manage, review account activity, and manage key settings.


  • CSS account navigation: Navigate your CSS group account, including all affiliated CSS domains
  • Merchant account navigation: View each of your associated merchant accounts, including sub-accounts for MCAs, and access those accounts in Google Merchant Center via CSS Center
  • Account management: Create labels to easily manage your accounts
  • User management: View and edit users and contacts for your CSS account, and centrally manage CSS users’ access to associated Merchant Center accounts

Learn more about account types in Comparison Shopping Service Center

Program and policy requirements

To use CSS Center, you'll need to follow certain policies and requirements including:

Note that separate policy requirements apply to using Merchant Center.

Need help? Click hereto contact CSS Center support.

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