What is supported by Alphabet/Google

Supported Documents

Google project specifics:

  • Tax data is accepted at the header/summary level or at the line item level of the invoice
  • Shipping data is accepted at the header/summary level or at the line item level


  • Detail Invoices - Apply against a single purchase order referencing a line item
  • Partial Invoices - Apply against specific line items from a single purchase order
  • Line Level Credit Invoices/Credit Memos - Item level credits; price/quantity adjustments
  • Header Level Credit Memos - Credit Memos applied against whole invoices

NOT Supported Documents

  • Summary or Consolidated Invoices - Apply against multiple purchase orders; not accepted by Google
  • Invoicing for Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) - An invoice for an order placed using a purchasing card; not accepted by Google
  • Duplicate Invoices - A new and unique invoice number must be provided for each invoice; Google will reject duplicate invoice numbers unless resubmitting a corrected invoice that previously had a rejected, cancelled, or failed status on Ariba Network
  • Paper Invoices - Google requires invoices to be submitted electronically through Ariba Network; Google will no longer accept paper invoices unless explicitly stated here
  • Non-PO Invoices - Apply against a PO not received through Ariba Network

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