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All Alphabet/Google suppliers have the choice to do business with Alphabet/Google using one of two Ariba account types: Standard and Enterprise.

Suppliers are NOT required to register a particular type of account, however in some cases, Alphabet/Google is recommending that some suppliers choose to transact on the Ariba Network with Alphabet/Google using a fee-based Enterprise account due to their historical volume of transactions or to leverage certain functionality that is only available with an Enterprise account.
What is the difference between Enterprise & Standard accounts


Standard Accounts Enterprise Accounts
Basic functionality and are absolutely free of charge for suppliers:
  • Provides transaction functionality through interactive emails and centralized dashboard as well as view access of purchase orders and invoices
  • No limit on the volume of transactions, but view history limited to the latest 200 documents (e.g. purchase orders or invoices)
  • Suppliers that do not select a fee-based Enterprise account will be defaulted to a free of charge Standard account and will have the option to upgrade to Enterprise at any time
Fee-based and provide enhanced functionality to suppliers. Key features of Enterprise accounts are:
  • Supplier-managed catalogs
  • Centralized supplier dashboard to view all documents (i.e. purchase orders and invoices) transacted with Alphabet/Google
  • Unlimited purchase order and invoice view access
  • Ability to run reports
  • 24/7 priority customer support from Ariba
Go to this page to find more information about the differences between the two accounts.
Important Account Type Callout - Enterprise Accounts start free of charge but become chargeable!
The Standard account is always free of charge regardless of usage. The Enterprise account is tiered based on usage and while it may initially be free of charge, this account becomes chargeable once a certain threshold is met: 
  • A total of 5 documents transacted (PO's, Invoices & Non-PO Invoices, Service Orders and Service Entry Sheets)
  • The transacted volume must exceed $50,000 USD in at least one supplier-customer relationship.
Enterprise supplier fees
Go to Ariba Network Accounts and Pricing page to get more information about using an Enterprise Account, associated fees, Ariba's value calculator, and download data sheets for specific regions.Enterprise Supplier Fee Overview
Alphabet/Google will not cover any costs or fees attributed to suppliers on Ariba Enterprise accounts and is only requiring suppliers to sign up for a free of charge Standard account at minimum.
The Ariba Network is provided by Ariba, not Alphabet/Google. Your use of the Ariba Network is subject to Ariba's applicable terms of use and policies. You are responsible for any and all activities that occur under your Ariba Network account and access credentials, whether conducted by an employee or a third party. Alphabet/Google is not responsible for the data you share with.
How to upgrade / downgrade your account to Enterprise
Upgrading from a Standard Supplier Account to an Enterprise Account
If you are unsure which Ariba account type to choose, we recommend registering a free free of chargedard account since upgrading to Enterprise is always an option for you should you need to upgrade to meet your business needs.

If you have never made an update to your account information on Ariba, please send a message by Contact Us button below to begin the enrollment process to access your account information on Ariba.

You can upgrade to an Enterprise account at any time by taking the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Ariba Network Standard account
  2. Click Upgrade at the top of any page
    You can also hover over any of the grayed out tabs (Inbox, Outbox, Catalogs, Reports, or Document Archive) and click Upgrade
  3. Compare the Standard and Enterprise account benefits
  4. Under Enterprise Account, click Upgrade
  5. Check the box to confirm you agree to the terms of the upgrade
  6. Click Upgrade
When you upgrade your production account, your test account automatically upgrades to a full-use account as well. However, if you upgrade your test account, your production account isn't upgraded.
Tip: You might want to upgrade your test account first in order to explore the additional features before deciding to upgrade your production account.
Find out more about the benefits of upgrading your accountbenefits of upgrading your account on Ariba Network.
Suppliers who have already registered a fee-based Enterprise account and are interested in downgrading to a free of charge Standard account should begin the downgrade process by opening a ticket with the Ariba Help Desk.

How you can create a dispute case in the Ariba Network:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the application, click your initials > Service Subscriptions.
  2. Click the Open Bills tab and locate the bill.
  3. Under Action to the right, click the
  4. Select a cause from the drop-down menu that better fits your concern and enter a reason for your dispute in the Comment section with as much detail as possible.
  5. Double-check that the contact information listed underneath Contact Data is correct.
  6. Click Send.

Once the account is settled, an Ariba Network support specialist will contact you with specific next steps to complete the downgrade request process, including waived fees. 

For additional information you can also check the Portal (Ariba Network Portal for Suppliers) for information about Ariba, Billing information and helpful articles explaining how to manage an Ariba Account.



If I have a Standard account can I keep the free of charge account even if I am meeting the two thresholds (5 document count and $50,000 transaction volume)?

YesYou can keep the Standard account. There is no threshold applied to a Standard account. Suppliers can transact without a limit.

  • If you have a Standard account it will not be automatically upgraded to an Enterprise account
  • Standard account is always free of charge and not chargeable
  • Ariba does not contact suppliers to upgrade their account. The type of account that you create is completely your discretion

While there is no threshold applied to a Standard account and it always remains free of charge, the Enterprise account does have a threshold and can quickly go from free of charge to fee-based once those thresholds are met (see the following FAQ for more information).

If I have an Enterprise account and did not meet the two thresholds, will I be charged?

No. You will not be charged as long as you are not meeting the two thresholds. The Enterprise account will only be charged once they have 5 documents AND have 50,000 USD transaction volume.

Example: If you only have 4 documents and have a transaction amount of 60,000 USD, you will not be charged.

If I have an Enterprise account and I choose to downgrade to Standard account, one of the criteria is to have a good standing account. How can you determine that the account is in good standing?

If you have an Enterprise account you can downgrade to Standard account anytime as long as you meet the criteria below. All outstanding fees should be paid before downgrading the account. After downgrading the account, you will not be charged any fees from Ariba.

Criteria for downgrading to Standard Account:
The criteria is handled on a case by case basis. The Ariba team goes through the criteria to structure the conversation with you and to confirm if you are eligible for downgrade or not.

  • You must not have any outstanding supplier fees
  • Your Order Routing Method must be Email and you cannot have any integration configured (cXML, EDI, Punch-Out, CIG)
  • Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) must not be enabled. SCC must be disabled for SCC relationships by respective buyers
  • Payment method must not be AribaPay (check this by clicking the Enablement Tasks tab. If you do not see AribaPay as a category for any customers, you do not have AribaPay enabled)
  • You should not have a published Catalog. You will not be able to view/edit catalogs post downgrade
  • You should not have any created Reports. You will lose access to any created reports
  • You should not have any pending Enablement Tasks related to catalogs/AribaPay/SCF
  • You should not have Invoice Archiving configured or you will lose access to the archive

What if I have an Enterprise account for other customers, can I still create another Standard account to transact with Alphabet/Google?

Yes. You can create another account. To do this, upon receiving the initial PO sharing, instead of logging in using their Enterprise account, you should create a new account, which automatically sets as a Standard account.

What types of documents will I be charged for on Ariba if I select a fee-based Enterprise account?

If you selected a fee-based Enterprise account, there are two document types you will be charged by Ariba: Purchase Orders and Invoices (both PO and Non-PO). Only invoices submitted through the Ariba Network, including Carbon Copy invoices where Alphabet/Google submits the invoice on behalf of the supplier, are chargeable per Ariba’s fee structure. Please go to this page for more information on which documents you will be able to share over Ariba based on your country/region.

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