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What is Ariba?

Ariba (or SAP Ariba) is an e-procurement suite of tools provided by SAP. Alphabet/Google uses several Ariba modules for purchasing-related activity, including:

  1. Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires used by suppliers to enroll (i.e. provide information, like banking and tax details, required for purchasing & payment) and existing suppliers to manage their account (i.e. maintain the initial information provided during enrollment to ensure accurate and timely payment).
  2. Ariba Network for suppliers to electronically receive purchase orders and to submit  invoices back for payment, otherwise referred to as transacting. To transact over the Ariba Network, suppliers must first enroll via the Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires or Embark. Once registered, A Purchase order can be raised to enable  suppliers on the Ariba Network with Alphabet/Google. Enablement is a one-time activity; transacting is an ongoing process.

Ariba Questionnaires = Enrollment & Updating Data 
Ariba Network = Purchase Orders & Invoices

Why are suppliers required to use Ariba?

All new suppliers are required to enroll via the SAP Ariba process in order to:

  • Manage supplier account details such as remittance information (Done in the Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires Portal)
  • Receive Alphabet/Google Purchase Orders (Done in the Ariba Network portal)
  • Invoice Alphabet/Google (Done in the Ariba Network portal)
  • Receive payment against invoices (Done in the Ariba Network portal)
What is the preferred method to transact with Google?

SAP Ariba Network  is a procurement management software globally used by businesses to make buying and paying more efficient. Alphabet/Google has implemented SAP Ariba Network worldwide.

We are requesting that all suppliers transact with Alphabet/Google on the Ariba Network through an account type of their choice (Standard or Enterprise) in order to provide a more seamless process for suppliers (e.g. electronically submitting invoices for processing and payment against purchase orders, self-managing and updating supplier account information).

Suppliers will need to register as SAP Ariba users, or if they are already SAP Ariba users, they need to activate their Ariba Network account with Alphabet/Google. Suppliers are also able to update their banking and other details in their SAP Ariba account.

Note: Government entities and certain utilities organizations will be excluded from this change due to legal regulations that limit the amount of information that can be shared on POs sent through the Ariba Network.
How long will it take to be set up after I submit my information?


Please allow approximately 4 business days to complete the enrollment process once both the Registration and Tax Questionnaires are submitted. After the submission of both the Registration Questionnaire and the Tax Questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation that your questionnaire was received by Google. The Google team will review your registration information, and send a final notification once fully approved.


Please ensure you provide complete and accurate information on the enrollment form to avoid delay in your enrollment. Once all the information has been provided, please allow 5-8 business days for your enrollment to be processed. Once confirmed by our team, you are enrolled with Alphabet/Google!

If you don’t respond to our message within 10 business days from the request date, our team will close out the pending enrollment. If this happens, you’ll need to connect with your Google point-of-contact to receive a new invitation and restart the enrollment process.
How will I know that I have been successfully set up in your system?

You will receive a confirmation email upon a successful completion of the enrollment process. If we have questions concerning your enrollment information, the Google team will reach out to you.

I was successfully enrolled, now what do I do?

Once you are successfully enrolled, you should wait for a PO to be issued to your company before you begin any work for Google.

Account Maintenance

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How can I update banking details, remittance address, contact information, or other key pieces of business information?


If you’re already enrolled on the Ariba network: you may update your information directly in the Ariba Network by following the instructions below.
  1. Log in to Ariba Network
  2. Switch to Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires located on the upper left hand of the screen
  3. Click Registration Questionnaire or Tax Questionnaire and then Revise Response
    Note: If you are unable to Revise Response then this means that forms are currently locked, please contact us using the button below to unlock the forms.
  4. Edit or revise the information you wish to change

For further guidance, you can review the video and instruction in the How to update your account information section.

If you’re not enrolled on the Ariba network yet: Please reach out to Google by clicking the Contact Us button below and selecting Ariba enrollment invitation

Once you receive an invite, please submit the registration questionnaire to update your account. Additional detail on how to fill out the Registration Questionnaire can be found here.


If you have already enrolled in Embark, you may update your information by following the steps here. Please contact Google using the button below if you have any questions about what channel to use.
How can I add additional bank accounts/new payment sites in my supplier records?

If you are already registered in Ariba:

You will need to access the Ariba Network portal to add a new bank account or payment site. After logging into Ariba, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on proposals
  2. Registration questionnaire
  3. Click the revise response

If you are not yet registered in Ariba:

For you to be set up in Ariba, the first thing you need is to get an invitation from our relevant team. But in order to be invited, we advise you to provide the following information for validation and send it to us by clicking the Contact Us button below.
  • Supplier Name:
  • Google PO Number (old/new):
  • Last 4 digits of current Bank Account Number on our system:
  • Current Remittance Email Address on our system:
  • Email address of Google POC/employee:
  • Email address to receive the Ariba enrollment link:
  • Supplier Contact First Name and Last Name to receive the Ariba enrollment link:

Ariba Common Issue

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I am not seeing the Questionnaires on the Enrollment portal
Please disable adblocker as this tool blocks the registration and tax questionnaire or use an incognito/private browser in accessing this link.
Synchronization Issue
If disabling adblocker does not work and you see this message Your Company or user account does not exist on Google LLC's site then you might be experiencing a Synchronization Issue to which you have to contact Ariba Support as this is a SAP issue and they have to send you a special invitation to resolve the issue or contact us using the button below and attach screenshots of the error.
If you don't see Google LLC and the Questionnaires
This means you are not connected with Alphabet/Google yet, to which you need to use the link embedded in the Ariba invitation email from no-reply@ansmtp.ariba to log in with your Ariba Account.
Error in the Google Contact Email Field
  1. If you see this error message: The value does not match the required validation pattern for item Email Address of your Google point of contact (Site #1) due to the following error message; Please enter email id in correct format. Example of accepted domain:,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Under the registration questionnaire (form 1 of 2), look for the payment site details and edit the field Email Address of your Google point of contact. Provide the email address of your direct contact from google.
Error in the Phone Number Field
  1. If you see this error message: The value does not match the required validation pattern for item Payment authorization phone number (Site #1) due to the following error message: Phone number can be minimum 10 and up to 16. Special characters +,(.),- are allowed.
  2. To fix the problem, locate the Finance Contact Number field under the registration field. Remove the spaces or keep the maximum number of characters at 16.
I’m not sure what bank information I need to provide
If you are unsure about what information to enter in the Banking Section field, please refer to this link for banking guidelines applicable to your bank location.
How do I connect with the Ariba support team?
  1. Go to Ariba Network
  2. On the top right look for the question mark icon, click it and choose Support
  3. A new window will open where you can search for support like register
  4. If you can not find the help you need you may click on contact us at the top of the page under the blue header
  5. There click on Register on SAP Business Network
  6. This will bring you to some more options you may choose from. In order to get to the contact us page you can click on the following: Something else,Transacting documents (purchase orders, invoices, etc.)

    Next a box will open at the bottom of the page Can’t find what you’re looking for? and you may click contact us
  7. There you will fill out your information for an Ariba help desk support person to get back to you

Ariba Specific

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Can Alphabet/Google resend the Ariba invitation link to me?
Yes, please follow the instructions according to your Ariba account status.

If you’ve already created an Ariba account:
Please work with the Ariba administrator who created the account to add another user. 

If you haven’t created an Ariba account:
Alphabet/Google can resend the Ariba invitation provided an Ariba account hasn’t been created yet. If you haven’t created an Ariba account yet, please click the Contact Us button below.

For further guidance, you can review the video How to Change Your Account Administrator and Add Users

For any additional information, you should contact the Ariba Support team through email or phone Support.
I am getting stuck in the Ariba enrollment process, is there a way to get live support?
  1. For Alphabet/Google call support, please reach out to your Point of Contact at Alphabet/Google to schedule an Office Hour with you and the Alphabet/Google Operations team directly
  2. For Urgent Alphabet/Google call support, please reach out to us using the Contact Us button below to manually schedule a video meeting with our enrollment specialists
If I have an existing Ariba account how can I transact with Google/Alphabet?
  1. Enterprise (fee-based) Account - Please register your Ariba Network Account BEFORE go-live via a Trading Relationship Request email from Ariba
  2. Standard (free of charge) Account - Please register your Ariba Network Account AFTER go-live with your first net new PO via an interactive PO email
This Standard PO will act as both the Trading Relationship Request as well as your first PO. From this Standard PO Email, you will be able to click on the Process Order link to either register a new Standard Account or link to your existing Standard or Enterprise Account.
How can I link an existing Ariba account with Alphabet/Google or merge two Ariba accounts to do business with Alphabet/Google?
In order to link two accounts together, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log-in to your existing Ariba account
  2. Click on the circle with your initials in it at the top right hand corner of the account
  3. From the drop down menu, select Link User IDs
  4. If it is your user account:
    1. Enter your username/password for the account on the right side under the No Approval Needed section
    2. Click Link Accounts
  5. If it is a different user’s account:
    1. Enter the username for the account on the left side under the Approval Needed section
    2. Click Send Link Request
  6. The individual associated with the entered username will need to login to their account, follow steps 1 & 2, and Approve the request
Once linked, you can toggle between different accounts by clicking on the icon with your initials in the top right hand corner and selecting from the dropdown menu.
Please Note: Once usernames are linked, they cannot be unlinked. Please make sure this is an action you want to take before linking the accounts.
Some suppliers already use Ariba with other clients. Will existing Ariba accounts be accepted or do I need a new Ariba account?
Suppliers who already have an Ariba account have the option of linking their existing Ariba Network ID with Alphabet/Google during the Ariba registration process. These suppliers will need to associate their existing account with Alphabet/Google as a trading partner on the Ariba Network. Please follow the steps outlined here to link two accounts.
I am an existing supplier and need to transition into Ariba, how can I do this?

STEP 1 - Enablement - As a PO Recipient Create & Configure Ariba Account

The SAP Ariba PO is issued to an initial PO Sharing email as designated by your Google point-of-contact. If you do need receive your PO when you expect to, or want to change this initial sharing email, contact your Google point-of-contact to do so. The person who receives the first PO and sets up the Ariba Network account can then assign additional users to receive future POs and invoice against them (see the configuration steps below)

Follow below steps to configure your account:

  1. Complete a short registration form to create an account or log into an existing account. More details here
  2. POC who creates the account becomes the Account Administrator and must configure it
  3. Complete Account Settings tasks
  4. You can find more on how to fully configure account in this guide, or Configuration steps for Standard Account and Enterprise Account

STEP 2 - Transacting - Create Invoice from PO Email

  1. You first need to create Invoice from PO Email
  2. Using the PO email, click Process order
  3. Follow instructions to create an invoice for a standard supplier. You can also follow this

STEP 3 - Account Management - Manage Your Payment Information

Payment information is hosted in a separate Ariba module. To update your payment information:
  1. As a new supplier, provide your Payment Information during enrollment
  2. As an existing supplier contact us for an invitation
  3. Review the pre-populated enrollment questionnaires and make updates as needed
  4. Regularly check and validate information to keep it current and avoid payment delay
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