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Enrollment process overview


  1. If this is your first time doing business with Alphabet/Google, please reach out to your Alphabet/Google point of contact for an invitation to enroll with Alphabet/Google.
    If you are an existing supplier (already doing business with Alphabet/Google) and just need to update your information on file, contact Google via the Contact Us button below to initiate the Ariba enrollment process the first time you need to make updates to your account information.
  2. Receive an enrollment invitation email from no-reply@ansmtp.ariba.com with a link to register an Ariba account - view tutorial here.
  3. With your Ariba account, complete and submit the two (2) enrollment questionnaires on Ariba:
    • Registration Questionnaire - view tutorial here.
    • Tax Questionnaire - view tutorial here.
  4. Receive a confirmation from no-reply@ansmtp.ariba.com that your enrollment with Alphabet/Google was approved. You can now self-manage your account information on Ariba through the Registration and Tax Questionnaires at any time.
    Alphabet/Google may require additional verification of information you submit before your enrollment is approved.


Please disable your ADBLOCKER to see the questionnaires.

Once BOTH your registration and tax questionnaires are submitted, Alphabet/Google will validate the information. Please allow for approximately 4 business days for validation.

Steps to enroll with Ariba


All Alphabet/Google suppliers have the choice to do business with Alphabet/Google using one of two Ariba account types: Standard and Enterprise. Suppliers are NOT required to register to a particular type of account, however in some cases, Alphabet/Google is recommending that some suppliers choose to transact on the Ariba Network with Alphabet/Google using a fee-based Enterprise account due to their historical volume of transactions. See here for more information on Enterprise vs Standard accounts.


Register here for interactive sessions to learn more about Ariba Network functionality.


Step 1: Registering an Ariba Network Account
Step 1 How to Register an Ariba Network Account


You can sign-up for a brand new account or log-in to an existing Ariba Network account.

Individual/Sole Proprietorship/Single Member LLC who are enrolling as a supplier with Alphabet/Google should not follow this guide. Please reach out to your Google point of contact for an invitation to enroll with embark.
  1. Click registration invitation link
    • Invitations will be sent out of Ariba Administrator (no-reply@ansmtp.ariba.com)
    • Keep an eye on your junk folder or add this to whitelisted accounts to receive this email
    • The registration link will be sent to the email the Googler enters in the enrollment form. Please click on the unique link to your supplier account to register with Alphabet/Google
    The registration link expires after 60 days if you have not yet registered an Ariba Network account.
  2. Click the Sign Up button
  3. Complete Company Information.
    1. The Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires screen is displayed. Populate the required details in the fields marked * mandatory
    2. Select the required country from the drop-down list in the Country field
  4. Select the required state from the drop-down list in the State field
  5. Complete User Account Information
    1. Enter your username and password.
      Note that you may use your email as your username. For this, select the Use my email as my username check box.
    View this short tutorial on changing the Ariba Admin or adding users
  6. Next, you need to enter business-related information in the Product and Service Categories and Ship-to or Service Locations fields. For this, you can click the Add or Browse buttons. In this example, click the Browse button in the Product and Service Categories field
    If you know the exact entries for these fields, you can populate the Product and Service Categories and Ship-to or Service Locations fields and click the Add button.
  7. The Product and Service Category Selection screen is displayed. Here, you can select the relevant category from the first block that leads you to the next slide
  8. As you narrow down your search, each selection leads to another list of options. You can select the required options from each list as they appear. Finally, click the Add icon to select the relevant item from the fourth list. In this example, click the Add icon against Card cages
  9. The selected item(s) shows under the My Selections section. You can remove this selection by using the Remove button or click the OK button to confirm
  10. Notice that your selected category is displayed in the Product and Service Categories field. Similarly, select a relevant entry in the Ship-to or Service Locations field. In this example, click the Browse button
  11. The Ship-to or Service Location Selection screen is displayed. You can select the locations that your company services. In this example, select the Ship-to or Service Locations radio button
  12. Similarly, you can follow steps 6 to 9 to select a relevant entry in the Ship-to or Service Locations field. Once selected, click the OK button to confirm selection
  13. Notice that your selected category is displayed in the Ship-to or Service Locations field. Next, enter the tax ID in the Tax ID field
  14. Review the Terms of Use and Ariba Privacy Statement hyperlinks and select the corresponding check boxes
  15. Click the Create account and continue button to proceed
  16. The Updating... pop-up status is displayed. Once processed, you will be redirected to your newly created account and prompted to fill the Supplier registration form
    Potential Duplicate Account
    It is common for Ariba to find information you entered (e.g. Company Name, email domain, etc.) that is similar to an existing company account already on the Ariba Network. If this happens, you will receive a Potential existing account warning.
    1. To proceed, click Review Accounts
    2. Review potential duplicate accounts
    3. If your company has an already existing account, reach out internally to your Ariba Network administrator. You can do this by viewing the company profile which is accessible under the actions column
  17. You will receive a confirmation e-mail on your registered e-mail ID. You can find your selected username in the Your username field
You’re almost done!
You have now now registered an Ariba Network account! Next, you need to Fill out and submit the Google LLC Registration Questionnaire to enroll your registered Ariba account with Alphabet/Google. (see next section)
Step 2: Filling out the Registration Questionnaire
Step 2 Filling Out the Google Registration Questionnaire


Fill out and submit the Registration Questionnaire to enroll your registered Ariba account with Alphabet/Google.

Why is accurate supplier information important?

Mismatched or outdated supplier account info is the top reason for purchase orders and invoices not being submitted successfully and/or being rejected.
For additional support on filling out specific fields, please access Registration and Tax Questionnaire Guidance.
  1. Make sure Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires is selected from the drop down
  2. Then select Registration Questionnaire (Form 1 of 2) to fill the first form
  3. Complete the Registration Questionnaire
    If you are a supplier who was doing business with Alphabet / Google before the transition to Ariba, your questionnaire will be prepopulated with your original information on file. You can revise any of this information and then re-submit the questionnaire if you need to make updates. See following steps.
  4. Enter required Primary Contact Information 
  5. Enter email recipient that will receive POs from Google
    The email recipient that will receive POs from Google is very important.

    Why? This email will be used to establish the initial trading relationship with Alphabet/Google. After the trading relationship, you can configure where other POs should be routed within your company in the Ariba Network.
  6. Add Site Locations to your account
    Existing suppliers will have their site info with Alphabet/Google prepopulated. Even though the Delete button is available, please do not use it to delete any payment sites. If you want to delete a site please contact Alphabet/Google using the contact us button below.
    1. First click the Add Site Details link to add your first site
      Tip: The number in the parentheses (0) represents the number of sites your company has. At least one site is required.
      If you add a new payment site, please note the location names of existing or already added sites, and select the next value from the location dropdown in the new site. Location Name values should not be repeated in more than one payment site.
    2. After clicking the Add Site Details link, you will be redirected to a new screen where you can enter your site information
    3. When you’ve finished entering information, click the ‘Save’ button in the top right. Do NOT click the ‘Add an additional Site’ button as this will create an unnecessary site.
  7. Enter required banking information. Please see this page for additional information on banking requirements. 
    1. Ensure that Location Nickname # corresponds to Site #
    2. Fill out required banking details
  8. Enter required Payment Authorization Contact Information
    Entering details for a Payment Authorization Contact is required. Alphabet/Google will reach out to this contact to verify important Payment Information if needed
    Tip: You can have the same individual listed for the different contacts (e.g. Payment Authorization, PO Sharing, and Supplier Relationship Manager) at your company if needed.

    It is also required to list your point of contact at Alphabet/Google. This email must end in @google.com, @wing.com, etc
    1. After completing information for one site. If you wish to add additional sites, click the Add an additional Site button.
      Tip: You will see the number in the parentheses increase each time you click the Add an additional Site button. You must always click the Add Site Details link to actually add information to those sites.
  9. After reading REMINDER, select "I have read and understand how to submit both forms". Once all information is entered correctly, click on Submit Entire Response to submit the registration questionnaire. You will now be required to complete and submit the Tax Questionnaire.
Step 3: Completing the Tax Questionnaire
Step 3 Completing the Google Tax Questionnaire


Fill out and submit the Tax Questionnaire to complete tax information for your supplier account.

Why is accurate Tax information important?

Suppliers will need to submit tax information for your tax jurisdiction as well as the countries/regions being provided goods & services. Missing tax information can impact and delay payments from Alphabet/Google.
  1. Click on Tax Questionnaire from your supplier dashboard to access this form to fill out. This is a required form to complete and submit to finalize the enrollment process with Alphabet/Google
  2. Fill out and submit required Tax Information. For example, in the U.S. this would be the W-9
  3. Submit Tax Information for all regions you are providing Goods/Services to
    Field 17 ‘Tax Information’ is dynamic. Additional fields will appear depending on the regions you select and the tax requirements for each jurisdiction. 
  4. Fill out Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Fields
    Key Call Outs:
    VAT ID and Invoices: EMEA suppliers are required to maintain their VAT ID in their Ariba Network
    profile to auto populate into invoices to Alphabet/Google.
    Example: Italian suppliers need to register their organizations at the SDI (Italian Revenue Agency) portal. The VAT ID/Tax ID are the relevant identifications for the SDI portal.
  5. Add Tax Identification or Registration Number. You will be redirected to a new screen to enter the TIN or applicable EMEA VAT Registration Number.
    1. Click on Add Taxpayer Identification Number
    2. Select the appropriate Country from the drop-down list
    3. Fill out US tax Identification Number. Tax data should be entered as per sample formats like 12-1234567.
    4. To submit your response, you will need to click Save and then click Submit Entire Response on the main screen
  6. Submit your entire registration questionnaire
    1. After reading REMINDER, select "I have read and understand how to submit both forms". Once all information is entered correctly, click on Submit Entire Response to submit the tax questionnaire
  7. After submission of both the Enrollment Questionnaire and the Tax Questionnaire, you will receive:
    • a confirmation your questionnaires were received by Alphabet/Google
    • The Alphabet/Google team will review your registration information, and send a final notification once fully approved!

Additional Support

Help with website navigation or Ariba account issues

If you encounter any difficulties with navigating the website or if you have any Ariba account issues (i.e link/unlink ANID), please click the question mark icon (in the top right) on the SAP Ariba Network page, then click Support (in the bottom right) to contact the SAP Ariba Network Help Desk. Please refer to this video and/or step by step instruction on how to contact SAP Ariba support directly.

Help with completing enrollment questionnaires

If you still have questions after reviewing the self help resources above, you can contact your Point of Contact at Google to schedule time to speak with the Google team directly.

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