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This quick reference guide will help you navigate through the process of searching for a Contract in Ariba Network.

Search for a Contract

Ariba defines a digitized contract sent over the AN as BPO (Blanket Purchase Order). Follow the steps below to search for a Contract in Ariba Network:

  1. Login to Ariba Network and you will be taken to the Landing page
  2. Open the Orders menu and click Purchase Orders
  3. Click Search Filters to expand the Search section
  4. Select the appropriate Customer group (Alphabet/Google) from the drop-down menu
  5. Enter the appropriate Order Number in the field
  6. You may also choose to search by any of the additional criteria (Buyer Location Code, Invoice Number, Date Range)
  7. View the search results displayed based on the entered search criteria
  8. Click the required order to view the order details
  9. Review the Ver column indicating the document version number, ensure that the version being worked on is always the latest (In this example version 2 is the latest)
Contract Overview

In the Ariba supplier network, the following Contract details are displayed:

  1. Contract (BPO) Number
  2. Payment Terms
  3. Supplier and Buyer Information
  4. Shipping details
  5. Line Item details
Contract Statuses

The status of a Contract changes as it gets processed. Suppliers can see the Order Status in their Inbox. The table below indicates the Contract Statuses and their respective Descriptions:

PO Status Description
New Initial state of the purchase order
Partially Received Denotes that some of the line items of the purchase order have been received by Google ERP system
Received Denotes that all line items have been received by Google ERP system
Partially Invoices The purchase order has been partly processed
Invoiced The purchase order has been fully processed
Changed Google updated the existing purchase order, including canceling PO lines, by sending a subsequent (changed) order
Obsoleted The order has been cancelled or replaced by a subsequent (changed) order
Cancelled PO cancelled in Google ERP system
Related Document View

In the Ariba supplier network, all generated invoices tie back to the Contract for which they were generated. This related document view can be accessed by following the steps below:

  1. Click Invoices to view the invoice list
  2. Select the appropriate Invoice for which you want to view the related documents
  3. Click the invoice number
  4. Click More in the Related Documents section to view all related documents for the selected invoice
  5. The list of all Related Documents is displayed, click on the desired document to view it



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