Download or print monthly invoices

Applies to Cloud Identity Premium and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

If you purchased your service from a reseller, go here instead |  Do I have a reseller?

If you have an invoiced billing account (not automatic payments), go here instead.

You get a monthly invoice for your Google Workspace subscription in email, or you can get a copy at any time in your Google Admin console.

If you're deleting your organization's Google Account or any paid subscription, you should first download and print your invoices as described below, and print your payment receipts.

Understand your Google Workspace invoice

If you’re looking for general information about how we calculate charges, including for any changes to your subscription during a billing period, go to Understand Google Workspace bills & charges instead.

We email you a PDF of your invoice at the start of each month for your previous month’s activity. This invoice is for information only. No action is required on your part.

In the PDF, you can find a summary of the total charges you owe for the billing period, the invoice number, your account name and billing ID, and instructions on how to view or update your billing information. You can also review the following invoice items:

Invoice item Description

The subscription we charged you for during the invoice period.

If you see multiple entries for the same subscription name, there were changes made to the subscription during the billing period that led to a change in the charges. These changes might include:

  • An increase or decrease in licensed users
  • A change in your billing plan (Flexible or Annual/Fixed-Term Plan)
  • A change in your subscription price

Review the other items in this table to understand why a subscription is appearing multiple times.


A brief overview of the specific charge billed to your subscription. Some common terms used in this section are:

  • Usage—Applies to usage if you’re on the Flexible Plan. The charge is generally the number of users multiplied by the per-user subscription price.
  • Commitment—Applies to usage if you’re on the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan. The charge is generally the number of purchased licenses multiplied by the per-license subscription price. 
  • New commitment—Indicates that you bought the subscription on the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan during the billing period.
  • Commitment renewal—Indicates that you renewed the subscription on the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan during the billing period.
  • Commitment increase—Indicates that you increased the committed licenses for an existing subscription on the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan.
  • Commitment cancellation fee—Shows charges billed for early termination of an Annual/Fixed-Term Plan subscription.
  • Migration charge for unpaid extension of contract—Shows charges billed if you change a subscription from an expired prepaid Annual/Fixed-Term Plan to a postpaid Annual/Fixed-Term Plan.

The time period for the charges.

Quantity The number of committed licenses (for the Annual/Fixed-Term Plan) or users (for the Flexible Plan) for charges mentioned in this invoice.
Amount Total amount to be paid (excluding applicable taxes).
Service adjustment

The amount of any refund or credit you received during the billing period. This amount appears as a negative value and is deducted from the total amount we charge you for that period.

If the credit or refund is greater than the amount you owe for the billing period, it’s carried over to future invoices.

Download or print a copy of your monthly invoice

You can download the invoice as a PDF or CSV file. Print the PDF or import the CSV into a spreadsheet program.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu and then Billingand thenPayment accounts.
  3. Next to your subscription, click View invoices.

    Look for your 2 most recent invoices.

  4. Under Documents, click the invoice number for the file format you want:
    • CSV Invoice—Downloads invoice in CSV format.
    • PDF Invoice—Select Download or Regenerate invoice with updated information.
  5. (Optional) To print the invoice, click Print . A window opens showing a printable invoice.
  6. (Optional) To find an older invoice that’s not shown:
    • At the top right, next to Calendar , click the Down arrow and select a date range.

Recently changed your billing information? You can regenerate an invoice to show updated account information, such as your billing address, purchase order number, or VAT ID. Click PDF Invoiceand thenRegenerate invoice with updated information. This option does not update transactions, such as payments or credits. This option is not available for accounts in India.

Can't find an invoice for this month? It might not be available yet. Each month’s invoice is available after the first day of the following month. For example, your April invoice is ready after May 1. Also, official PDF invoices may take up to a week to be available after CSV invoices.

Payments are not shown on the invoice, unless in specific regions as noted below. To view your payment information, go to Download or print transactions or Print payment receipts.

Invoices and VAT (European Union customers)

If your billing country is in the European Union (EU), your invoices include:

  • Your payments
  • Our value-added tax (VAT) ID
  • Your VAT ID (if you indicated it in your billing profile)

These invoices comply with the EU requirements of the VAT Directive (Article 226, Council Directive 2006/112/EC) and are valid for your local tax authorities. Contact your tax advisor or local government if you have questions.

Note: The Google European headquarters is located in Dublin (Google Ireland Ltd.). Customers with an EU billing address are billed and serviced according to Google Ireland Ltd. VAT won’t be included in your service costs if your business address is within the EU, but outside of Ireland. If this applies to you, you qualify to self-assess your VAT at your EU member state’s local rate.

Invoices for India customers not registered under GST

To comply with changes to India GST law, the first page of your invoice will display a Dynamic UPI QR code if you're not registered under GST and you have an outstanding balance. You can make a payment for the invoice by scanning this QR code with any UPI-enabled payment application.

If you made a payment during the billing cycle, the payment date and time, amount, transaction ID, and payment method will appear on your invoice.

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