Avoiding Account and Product Level Suspensions

To reduce the risk of account suspensions, review the following best practices to ensure you’re in compliance with Google policies and data quality requirements.

Up-to-date pricing and availability

Deliver your feed at least daily. If you do intraday price updates on your site, use the online product inventory update feed to ensure Google Shopping has the most up-to-date information. Also, turn on Automatic Item Updates to reduce the number of products suspended due to incorrect price and/or availability.

Accurate shipping cost and taxes

Using the shipping cost calculations and tax settings in Merchant Center to ensure the Total Price shown in Google Shopping is as accurate as possible.

Exclusion of prohibited products

Review the Shopping policies to identify products that must be removed from your feed, such as weapons, pharmaceuticals or products derived from endangered species. You can use Feed Rules to remove prohibited products from your feed, or submit a feed change request for more complex exclusion rules.

Accurate labeling of new and used products

If you sell used products, make sure the Condition field accurately reflects this. In addition, it’s recommended to include words like “Used”, “Refurbished” or “Reconditioned” in your titles so consumers looking for new products will not click on used products that they are unlikely to purchase.

Unique landing pages

Make sure each item in your feed has a product URL that points directly to the item on your site. A generic landing page can result in a poor customer experience and account suspensions.

Crawlable product pages

The Googlebot routinely crawls your site to ensure the accuracy of the Shopping ads and the accessibility of the pages from desktop and mobile devices. In addition, product images will be crawled for use in your Shopping ads. Make sure the Googlebot has the ability to crawl your products pages by checking the robots.txt file on your site.

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