Minimum system requirements

Chromecast is available on all platforms, including Chrome OS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. There are no specific hardware requirements in order to install or use the Cast button.

However, casting video from a tab of your Chrome browser has specific requirements depending on your chosen quality settings. Systems that do not meet these minimum requirements will be limited to projecting web pages, images and slideshows, and will not work well for video content. A strong Wi-Fi connection both on Chromecast and your computer is also required for good performance.

The minimum system requirements for Casting from Chrome differ from the minimum system requirements to set up your Chromecast.


Operating System

Recommended Requirements

Minimum Requirements


2nd-generation Core i5 (2GHz+), 3rd/4th-generation Core i5 processor, or equivalent;

Windows 7 or later

Core i3 or equivalent

Windows 7 or later

Apple OS X

Macbook Pro 2011 or newer, Macbook Air 2012 or newer;

OS X 10.9 or above

Macbook Pro 2010, Macbook Air 2011;

OS X 10.9 or above

Chrome OS

All 2014 models and later, 2013 Haswell-based models, and Samsung Chromebook 2

Not applicable


Results will vary depending on OS distribution, driver support, and desktop environment



Recommended GPU Requirements Minimum GPU Requirements
Intel HD4000 or comparable Intel HD3000 or comparable


If you are unsure of your computer specs, please see our CPU & GPU Help Center article.

If you're having trouble, please try our Chromecast Troubleshooting tips.

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