No Cast devices found?

Are you seeing the 'No Cast devices found' error message? Don't worry, you'll be casting again soon!

Basic troubleshooting
  1. Verify that your computer clock is set correctly by checking
  2. Reboot your Wi-Fi router by unplugging and plugging the power source.
  3. Ensure that your Chromecast is set up correctly by trying to cast from a phone or tablet to your TV. You should see the name of your Wi-Fi network on your home screen in the bottom left-hand corner
  4. Check that your computer is on the same network as the Chromecast
  5. Disconnect from a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy server, if applicable. Chromecast cannot communicate with your laptop over these networks
  6. Firewall/antivirus software may prevent your laptop/desktop from communicating with your Chromecast. Please ensure that any firewall/antivirus software you may have installed on your computer isn't interfering with Chromecast
  7. If these options do not fix your issue, try rebooting your wireless router, your laptop/desktop, and the Chromecast device

Still having trouble? Try these browser-specific steps:

Running OSX on a Mac desktop or laptop?

  1. Open System Preferences > Security > Firewall
  2. If the firewall is enabled, go to Firewall options
  3. If "Block all incoming connections" is enabled, disable this settings, save your settings, reboot Chrome and try again.
  4. If "Automatically allow signed software to connect" is enabled then make sure that there is not an entry for Google Chrome in the application list.
  5. If "Automatically allow signed software to connect" is not enabled then click the "+" button, navigate to Chrome in /Applications, and select it.

Running Windows 7 or Vista on your desktop or laptop?

  1. Ensure that your network isn’t configured as a Public network
  2. Open ‘Network & Sharing Center’ by clicking on the network icon in the Windows system tray or from Control Panel.
  3. Under ‘View your active networks’ you should see your network (typically the name of your WiFi Access Point.) If you see ‘Public Network’ under your network with a park bench icon, then this is likely an issue preventing Chrome from communicating with your Chromecast device.
  4. To change this setting, click on the network and click ‘Home network.’
  5. Reboot Chrome (completely exit and start it up again) and try again. If that doesn’t work, reboot your computer/laptop and try again.

Running Windows 8 on your desktop or laptop?

Turn the 'Sharing' setting ON.

You can turn this setting on by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Desktop. (Your Desktop will be one of the default tiles on your homescreen)
  2. Click on your WiFi settings on the bottom of your desktop bar (At the very bottom, right hand side of your Desktop)
  3. Right click on your connected Wi-Fi network
  4. Select 'Turn sharing on or off'
  5. Ensure sharing is set to 'on'

Running Windows 8.1 on your desktop or laptop?

Turn 'Find Devices and Content' setting ON.

You can turn this setting on by going to:

  1. Navigate to Settings. (Move your mouse to the far right of the screen to show the menu bar. Settings will be at the bottom)
  2. Select 'Change PC Settings' (At the very bottom of the Settings menu)
  3. Select 'Network'
  4. Select your connected Wi-Fi network (Next to Wi-Fi bar image.)
  5. Under 'Find devices and content', make sure it is set to 'On'

You can learn more about how to change your setting here:

The troubleshooting tips listed above are only intended to resolve Chromecast set up issues and may have unintended consequences. If you have questions or concerns, please consult your router manufacturer or ISP before making these changes.

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