Learn & explore on a personal Chromebook

To help your child learn at home if school’s closed or they have homework, you can set up a personal Chromebook with either a school account or a parent-supervised account.

Set up & connect your family’s Chromebook

  1. Set up your Chromebook

    • Turn on your device and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your Chromebook. To choose the account you want to set up, check “Log in to a specific account."
    • Learn how to transfer files and bookmarks from an old computer if you need to switch to a Chromebook.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi

  3. Connect to Bluetooth devices

Log in to a specific account

  1. Sign in with a school-issued Google Account

    • To do school work, your child should be signed in to a school-issued Google Account.
    • To get your child’s school account info, you can ask your child’s school or teacher.
    • When your child is on a school account, only the school can monitor your child’s activity.

       Tip: If you’ve signed in to your child’s Chromebook with a personal Google Account, sign out. Then, select Add person and add your child’s school Google Account.
  2. Sign in with a parent-supervised Google Account

  3. Add users to your Chromebook

Supervise your child’s account

  1. Use personal Chromebooks with a school-issued Google Account

    • If your child is on a school Google Account, your child’s school can set policies to restrict some apps and websites.
  2. Use personal Chromebooks with a parent-supervised Google account

  3. Monitor content for a parent-supervised Google Account

Explore your family’s Chromebook

  1. Customize accessibility features

  2. Install Android apps

  3. Create designs with Canvas

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