Connect to Bluetooth devices

If your Chromebook works with Bluetooth, it can connect to devices like:

  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Headsets (audio only)

Important: Only pair your Chromebook to devices you trust. Devices stay paired to your Chromebook even when other people use your computer.

Step 1: Check if your Chromebook works with Bluetooth

  1. At the bottom right, select the battery.
  2. If you see Bluetooth , your Chromebook works with Bluetooth.

Step 2: Pair a new Bluetooth device

  1. At the bottom right, select the battery.
  2. Under Bluetooth , select Bluetooth.
  3. Select Pair new device.
  4. Select the device you want to connect and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. To confirm whether your device is connected, repeat steps 1 and 2 and check under "Currently connected."

Tip: Your phone cannot pair to your Chromebook with Bluetooth.

Use Fast Pair on your Chromebook

When you put your Fast Pair-enabled accessory in pairing mode, it automatically detects and pairs with your Chromebook. Fast Pair also associates your Bluetooth accessory with your Google account. This allows you to easily switch between devices.

To easily connect and setup devices close by:

  1. At the bottom right, select the battery.
  2. Select Settings and thenBluetooth.
  3. Turn on “Scan for new devices.”

To connect your device through theQuick Settings” menu:

  1. At the bottom right, select the battery.
  2. To turn on Bluetooth, click .
    • If the device is new to your Chromebook: Once your Fast Pair device is detected, click Connect.
    • If the device is connected previously to the Chromebook: Your Fast Pair device connects automatically.

Tip: Devices saved to your account are not available from the Quick Settings menu. To manage these devices, go to Settings and then Bluetooth and then Devices saved to your account.

If the connection fails, try to connect the device manually through the Bluetooth settings menu:

  1. Go to Settings .
  2. Under “Bluetooth”, select Pair new device.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Manage your connected devices

Control settings on your connected devices with your Chromebook. You can also disconnect devices or pair previously connected devices through your account.

In the main settings:

  1. Go to Settings .
  2. Select Bluetooth.
  3. Under “Previously connected,” at the right of each device, select Connect.

In quick settings:

  1. At the bottom right, select the battery.
  2. Under "Bluetooth," select Bluetooth .
    • To change the settings of, unpair, or rename a paired device: Under “Currently connected,” select the device.
    • To connect a previously paired audio device: Under “Previously connected,” select Connect.

Tip: Previously connected non-audio devices such as Bluetooth keyboards and mice will connect automatically when turned on and near your Chromebook.

Turn off Bluetooth

  1. At the bottom right, select the battery.
  2. Select Bluetooth .
  3. Turn off Bluetooth.

Fix Bluetooth problems

If you have trouble with your Chromebook’s Bluetooth device, try these steps:

If you still have problems, contact your Bluetooth device's manufacturer or your Chromebook’s manufacturer.

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