The information below applies to Chrome for Android only.

Parlez-vous français ? Using Google Chrome's built-in translation bar on your mobile device helps you read more of the web, regardless of the language of the web page.

Look for the translation bar at the top or bottom of the page whenever you come across a page written in a language that isn't your system language. To translate the page, touch Translate. To dismiss the translation bar without translating the page, touch X or Nope. If you dismiss the translation bar twice in a row you'll see the option to "Never translate" that language or site.

Enable or disable the translation bar

  1. Touch Chrome menu > Settings > (Advanced) Content settings > Google Translate.
  2. Slide the Translate switch to the ON or OFF position.
  3. Touch Reset Translate settings to reinstate the default behaviour of the translation bar. Resetting the default settings will cause the translation bar to reappear for languages you previously decided not to translate by choosing "Never translate".

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