Chrome Browser quick start (Mac)

2. Set policies

The Chrome Browser for the enterprise bundle includes a sample property list (.plist) file that you can customize to define policy settings. You then convert this file to a configuration profile that can be deployed to your user's devices. You can also use Chrome Browser Cloud Management to set up your browser policies in the cloud and see an overview of browser usage.

Create a configuration profile

  1. Download the Chrome Browser bundle for Windows zip file. This file contains both Windows and Mac configuration files.
  2. Open the bundle and go to the Configuration folder.
  3. Make a copy of the file.
    This MCX .plist (property list) example file contains a sub-set of policies that you can customize for your deployment.
  4. Open the .plist file in your preferred editor.
    You can edit the file with any text editor. It's usually easier to edit a .plist file using an editing tool that formats the XML code for you, such as Xcode, which is available for free from the Apple developer website.
  5. Make your required changes and save the file.
  6. Convert your file to a configuration profile using your preferred conversion tool, such as  mcxToProfile on github.

    For example, to use mcxToProfile to convert your file to a configuration profile, enter --plist --identifier

    The output from this command is an installable configuration profile named

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