Manage ChromeOS devices with EMM console

For administrators who manage ChromeOS devices for a business.

As an administrator, if you have an approved EMM partner, you can use your enterprise mobility management (EMM) console to manage your ChromeOS devices and policies through an EMM partner.

Note: Your account type determines what Chrome features are available to you. For example, if your organization has an education account and you enroll a ChromeOS device bundled with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, you can't access Chrome features that are exclusive to enterprise accounts.

Before you begin

  • You need Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, in addition to any licenses that are required by your EMM provider.
  • If you purchased devices bundled with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, enroll at least one device to activate the management service. For details, see Enroll ChromeOS devices.
  • This feature is not available if your organization has Chrome Education Upgrade or Chrome Nonprofit Upgrade, or if the domain you are using has not been verified.

Approved EMM partners

Approved EMM partners can provide tools to help you manage ChromeOS devices and policies within your organization.

The following are the approved EMM partners:

Approved inventory management partners

You can also use an approved inventory management partner to help you manage your ChromeOS devices (without policy management).

The following are the approved Inventory management partners:

Considerations when using the EMM console

One console usually suits most admins—you can integrate all the devices together and manage them in one place. However, you can use the EMM console and the Google Admin console together. If you do:

  • EMM console settings take precedence over settings in the Admin console.
  • Devices and users might belong to different organizational units in each console. In turn, the same device might have a different policy in each console.
  • Follow your chosen approved partner instructions to turn on access to the EMM console.

Stop using the EMM console to manage devices

When you stop using the EMM console to manage devices, the policies that you set or have already set in the Admin console are immediately applied to users and devices.

Note: Disabling Chrome management partner access stops you using an EMM console to manage devices and stops you from using a third-party to monitor devices.

To quit using the EMM console, revoke OAuth 2.0 authorization. For details, see Revoking a token.

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