Chrome OS device Quick Start

1. Survey your site

Network bandwidth

Your network’s bandwidth needs to be sufficient for the number of Chrome devices you’re introducing. We recommend a maximum of 30 devices per access point. Enterprise-grade access points can handle more.

Learn more about Enterprise networking for Chrome devices.

Legacy software

If the majority of your applications use Microsoft® Windows® or Apple ®Mac® software, consider moving to web-based applications to get the best experience using Chrome devices. If you still need to use legacy applications, Chrome devices support a variety of desktop virtualization solutions such as VMware® and Citrix®.

External hardware

Chrome devices work with many USB-connected peripherals, including keyboards, printers, and cameras. Generally, devices work with peripherals that don't require installing a specialized device driver in other operating systems. You should test any external devices to make sure they work correctly with your Chrome devices before deploying them for your entire organization.

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