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Troubleshoot Chrome crashes

Crashing issues with Chrome or a ChromeOS device can be caused a number of things. Here are some potential issues you might encounter:

Aw, snap

Aw, Snap! error message

This error message occurs when a webpage doesn't display correctly.

In most cases, you can reload the page to dismiss this error. If you keep seeing the message, try closing other webpages that are open or restarting your device.

If you continue to have problems see Further troubleshooting.

Page unresponsive error

Page unresponsive box

You might see this error when a particular webpage or set of pages cause a problem.

To fix the problem, select the webpages in the box and click Kill pages. Then, reload the pages. If you still see the error, try restarting your device. If you continue to have problems, see Further troubleshooting.

Hanging tab

Hanging tabs

When a tab hangs, it usually appears as a white page that is stuck loading. The title of the affected tab is Loading and it has a spinning icon.

This issue usually means there's a graphics rendering issue. Sometimes, opening a new tab and browsing to another page can help the affected tab to load. If this doesn't help, try restarting Chrome or your device. For more information, see Further troubleshooting.

Chromebook icon updated Dec 2013

ChromeOS device crashes

If the entire ChromeOS device locks or freezes, the problem may be more serious. We recommend that you look at the ChromeOS device debug logs and use Log Analyzer to examine them.

Further troubleshooting

If you continue to experience crashing issues, we recommend the following:

Need more help? You can open a support case in the Google Cloud Support Center for Chrome. For help with a ChromeOS device, contact your hardware manufacturer.

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