Usage statistics and crash reports

Help us prioritize the features and improvements we should work on by permitting Google Chrome to send Google usage statistics and crash reports, which are files that are created when the browser unexpectedly closes.

Usage statistics contain aggregated information such as preferences, button clicks, and memory usage. It does not include web page URLs or any personal information, with the following exception: as noted in the Chrome privacy policy, if you have opted into this feature and reached a webpage that is believed to be a phishing or malware webpage, Chrome will send certain information including the URL of the page to Google to help expand the phishing and malware lists. Crash reports contain system information at the time of the crash, and may contain web page URLs or personal information, depending on what was happening at the time of the crash.

You can change whether usage statistics and crash reports are sent to Google at any time. Follow these steps after you’ve installed Google Chrome:

  1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. In the "Privacy" section, use the "Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google" checkbox to control this setting.