What you need to get started

Chromebook icon updated Dec 2013

Chrome kiosk apps can run as kiosk-only applications where no user account is required. Kiosk apps give full control over the user's experience to the application itself, for example, allowing someone to use a virtual keyboard or setting up URL whitelists or blacklists.


For hardware, you need a Chrome device and a display.

  • Chromebox: Asus, HP, Dell, AOPEN, Acer, or Lenovo
  • Chromebit: Asus
  • Chromebase: LG, Acer, or AOPEN
  • Display
    • With or without touch support (as long as it is HID compliant)
    • 1080p output over HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces
    • i3 and i7 Chromeboxes support full 4k resolution


For software, you need a Chrome license and a Chrome kiosk app:

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