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About email-verified and domain-verified accounts

When you sign up for Chrome Browser Cloud Management or a Chrome Enterprise trial for ChromeOS devices, you can use these products with email-verified or domain-verified accounts.

Email-verified accounts

  • Before you purchase from an authorized partner, transfer your account to the partner. To find one that suits your organization, go to the Partner Directory.
  • Users must be invited, not created.
  • Users only have access to apps and services available for the organization.
  • Super Admin is the only admin role available. Custom roles and granular privileges are available only for domain-verified accounts.
  • You can only manage user experiences related to the subscriptions of the organization.
  • You cannot create Groups for Business until the domain is verified. Group-based policies might be impacted. For details, see Get started managing groups for an organization.
  • Ideal for managed guest or Kiosk sessions, or sessions that don’t require user or group management.

Domain-verified accounts

  • You can create and manage users and groups by organizational unit and apply group-based policies that allow for more customization in your organization.
  • There are more options for purchasing additional licenses and features for your organization.
  • You can create admin users using system roles or custom roles with granular Admin console privileges.
  • You can apply Chrome profile policies on Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For details, see Understand Chrome policy management.
  • You can easily upgrade to Google Workspace for your organization.

Merging teams after domain verification

If there are other teams using email-verified Chrome Enterprise in your domain, you can merge them with your team by performing domain verification. Your team becomes the top-level parent organization and the other teams become child organizational units under it.

For instructions on how to verify domains, see Verify your domain to unlock features (for email-verified services).

When you merge teams, bear in mind:

For managed Chrome browser

  • You must have accepted the Chrome Browser Cloud Management Terms of Service to manage Chrome browsers for all teams.
  • Managed browsers enrolled in your top-level parent organization remain listed in the same organizational structure. However, all managed browsers enrolled in other teams are consolidated at the new top-level parent organization.
  • Enrollment tokens from your organization remain active on the new organization structure. However, all enrollment tokens from other teams are revoked and the enrollment token history is not transferred. To enroll new browsers or re-enroll existing browsers, you must generate new tokens for the merged teams. For details, see Enroll cloud-managed Chrome browsers.
  • To keep a historical record of their organization’s data, admins from other teams can export the following:

For enrolled ChromeOS devices

If multiple email-verified teams exist under the same domain name:

  • The policies and organizational structure of your team which is performing the domain verification are retained.
  • The devices enrolled in the merging email-verified teams are consolidated into the new top-level organization.
  • The merging team's policy settings are updated to reflect the new parent organization.
  • You need to update zero-touch enrollment pre-provisioning tokens after the merge is complete. Just like enrolled devices, any existing pre-provisioned devices will move to the top-level organization.

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