Reply to a message

To reply to a message in Google Chat, you can enter text or select a suggestion if available. You might get suggestions based on the content of the message that you received. 


How reply suggestions work

Note: The content in this animation is currently only available in English.

  1. Below the message, tap Reply "" (if you're in a room).
  2. Enter your message or pick a suggestion.

    If available, tap a Smart Reply suggestion to enter your response immediately. You can customise the message before sending.

  3. Tap Send "".

Other options

You can add these options to your reply:

  • Tap Mention to add a person to the conversation.
  • Tap Photo "" to add a photo to the conversation.
  • Tap Camera to take a picture and add it to the conversation.
  • Tap Start video call to start a video call.
  • Tap Notifications "" at the top right to turn notifications on or off.

Turn off Smart Reply suggestions

You can turn off Smart Reply suggestions on your device. This won't turn it off on your other devices.

  1. At the upper left, tap Menu "" and then Settings.
  2. Under Smart Reply, turn off the setting.
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