View and assign roles to a billing subaccount

Grant your team and customers permissions to billing subaccounts. Or you're no longer working with a customer, you can remove their access to their billing subaccounts. In the Partner Sales Console, you can assign custom roles you created in the Cloud Console, and the following billing roles:
Roles Permissions
Billing Account Viewer View the billing subaccount ID.
Billing Account User View the role assignments and the billing subaccount ID and name.
Billing Account Administrator Assign roles to the billing subaccount and view the billing subaccount ID and name.
Billing Account Creator Create primary billing accounts
Custom roles Choose a custom billing role you created in the Cloud Console.   

Assign roles to a billing subaccount

  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console with your Google Cloud Identity or Google Workspace reseller account. Requires both the Billing Account Administrator and GCP Reseller Admin roles, and permissions on your Cloud Billing accounts. Learn more.
  2. On the Customers page, click the customer's name.
  3. Select a GCP subscription.
  4. In Quick links, click Configure billing subaccounts.

  5. In Billing permissions, select the billing subaccount from the Subaccounts list. The list shows the cloud billing accounts that you can access.
  6. Click Add member.
  7. Enter an email address, Google group, or service account.
  8. Select a role.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Notify user or group about their role and the billing subaccount ID.
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