Order Google Cloud for a customer

Place an order for Google Cloud to create a billing subaccount for your customer.

Add a new customer to your reseller account

To resell products to a new customer, add the customer to your reseller account.


Permissions required for this task

  • The Billing Account Administrator role on your reseller Cloud Billing accounts. Or you have the billing.accounts.get and billing.accounts.update permissions on your reseller Cloud Billing accounts, and the permissions are assigned at the Organizational level.


  • The Google Cloud Reseller Administrator role with permissions on your reseller Cloud Billing accounts. Learn more


  1. On the Customers page, click Create customer.
  2. In Primary product family, select Google Cloud.

  3. In Organization information, enter the customer's name, domain, and address. Tip: Make sure the domain name is correct. The domain name is the unique identifier for a customer account.

Important: To stay up-to-date, remind customers to notify you when they change their organization name, domain, or administrator addresses. If a customer changes their account information in the Google Admin console, the changes are not synced to your Partner Sales Console.

  1. (Optional) Contact information. Not required for customers who purchase only Google Cloud. The contact information is used to create the administrator account for Google Workspace and other subscriptions.
  2. Click Create to add the customer's account.
  3. To place an order, click Purchase. Or click Customer list to go to the Customers page. Your new customer's Subscriptions status is blank until you place an order.

Order Google Cloud for a new or current customer

We've made it easier to purchase Google Cloud services for your customers. Learn how to use the new order flow in the Partner Sales Console.
  1. Click the customer's name to open their account page.
  2. In Subscriptions, click New service.
  3. Select Google Cloud.

  4. Select the appropriate billing account, and then click Select Plan.  
    Selecting a billing account
  1. Verify your order details, and then click Confirm order.

Next: Assign roles to the billing subaccount

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