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Display creatives overview

Display creatives are versatile banner creatives that feature:

  • Support for image and HTML5 assetsDisplay creatives are your one-stop-shop for adding image and HTML5 assets to Campaign Manager 360.

  • Click tag reporting: You can add reporting labels for display creative click tags in Campaign Manager 360. You can also add reporting labels for your backup asset. Note that for display creatives, landing pages are only used if you do not specify a landing page at the ad level.

  • Polite load: Campaign Manager 360 will automatically load your polite load image asset when the total creative size exceeds 150KB.

  • HTML5 benefits: If your creative uses HTML5, it can benefit from HTML5 features, such as multiple dimensions to support responsive assets, font files, and support across most browsers and mobile device types.

Reporting for display creatives

View display creative metrics in Reporting. Add these metrics when you create a Standard report in Report Builder.

Here are the available metrics:

If you're using a multi-sized display creative in a multi-sized placement, you can use the following dimensions to see details about the size of the ad slot and served creative asset:

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