Average Interaction Time

Average Interaction Time
Rich Media

The average amount of time, in seconds, that each user interaction with a Rich Media creative lasted. An interaction is counted when a user moves the mouse cursor over the creative. To ensure that accidental mouse movements aren't counted, interactions that last less than 1 second are discarded. Similarly, if the mouse stops moving for more than a second, Reporting stops counting additional interaction time. When the mouse then begins moving again, if the cursor stays over the creative for more than a second, additional interaction time will be counted. The time is cumulative; only one interaction is counted per impression.

Once the creative has been displayed for more than 20 minutes, no further interaction time is counted.

For creatives that include both an in-page element and an external element (Rich Media in-page with floating and Rich Media image with floating), interaction time is counted for the external element only. For Rich Media expanding creatives, interaction time is counted even when the creative is not expanded. For Floating with reminder creatives, the interaction time is only counted for the floating element.

The average interaction time does not take into account Rich Media impressions for which no interaction was recorded.
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