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Ads overview

In Campaign Manager 360, you can set up ads to either display content or track clicks and impressions. It depends on the ad type you create.

  • Standard ads display creatives on sites. Use standard ads for any creative type you want to display.

  • Tracking ads and click tracker ads do not deliver visible content. Instead, they help you track clicks and impressions on sites.

How standard ads deliver content

A placement represents a place where your creatives can appear on a particular site. When you assign a standard ad to a placement, the ad can serve to that placement’s site and display one of your creatives there. The ad delivers the creative; the creative is the advertising message that actually appears on the site.

Each time someone visits a site in your campaign, Campaign Manager 360 looks at the standard ads assigned to its placement. Campaign Manager 360 uses targeting criteria and other settings to decide which ad is best for that particular site visit (also known as an “impression").

Once Campaign Manager 360 picks a standard ad to serve, it also chooses which assigned creative to display on the site. Standard ads typically have multiple assigned creatives, so Campaign Manager 360 rotates them based on your ad settings. This is why an ad may display a different creative for each impression.

Create and manage ads

Work with creatives in ads

Special types of ads

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