Manage ads

Create ads

To create an ad, open your campaign, click New, and select your ad type.

  • Standard ads deliver creatives to your placement. Set up standard ads

  • Default ads serve to your placement when no other ads are available. Set up default ads

  • Tracking ads track clicks and impressions on ads that are not delievered by Campaign Manager 360. Set up tracking ads

  • Click tracker ads track clicks on elements that are hard-coded or not delivered by Campaign Manager 360. Set up click trackers

Other ways to create ads

You can also copy ads within your campaign or from other campaigns. Or you can create ads by assigning creatives to placements, or add them by importing a campaign spreadsheet.

Copy ads
  1. Select one or more ads in your campaign and click Copy. (Note that you can't copy default ads.)

  2. Where do you want to add the copies?

    • To this campaign: Click this option to add the copies to your current campaign.

    • To another campaign: Click this option to add the copies to another campaign. Then select the campaign.

  3. How many copies of each ad do you want to make? Choose a number in the "Copies" dropdown.

    • For example, if you select 3 ads and choose to make 2 copies, Campaign Manager 360 will create 2 copies of each ad and add them to your campaign, or to the other campaigns you select.

  4. Choose which settings to copy:

    • Include assigned creatives and their settings: Check this box if you want your copy to have the same creatives. All creatives assigned to the ad will be assigned to your copies. They will retain the same ad-creative assignment settings, too: including rotation, creative start date, and ad-level landing pages.

    • Include placement assignments: Check this box if you want to include all the assigned placements. Your copy will also be assigned to these placements.

  5. Click Copy. You're done!

    Note the status and run dates of your copies:

    • Ad status: Your copies will be inactive until you manually activate them in Campaign Manager 360. Note that if you copy archived ads, your copies will remain archived unless you unarchive them.

    • Ad start date: If your campaign is within its run dates, your ad will take the present date for the ad start date and the campaign end date for the ad end date. If your campaign end date has passed, your ad will take the present date for its start date and the ad end date will be one month later.

      Check campaign run dates in the campaign properties (under "Schedule").


Create ads with the campaign spreadsheet

You can use the campaign spreadsheet to create multiple ads at once. Export your campaign, make changes, and import the spreadsheet to create new ads.

Automatic ad creation

To make it as easy as possible for you to begin serving your ads to users, standard ads are created automatically when you assign creatives to a placement, using the start and end dates and default landing page from your campaign.

Automatic ad creation can speed up trafficking for simple campaigns, but it can also cause confusion and create unneeded ads. For example, if you assign multiple creatives directly to a placement, Campaign Manager 360 will automatically create multiple ads, even if you only intended to rotate the creatives into a single ad. Depending on the complexity of your campaign, you may wish to create ads manually instead.

To begin delivering an automatically created standard ad, all you need to do is send the tags to the publisher.

Delete ads

You cannot delete ads. However, if your ad is inactive and you don't wish to see it among your active or inactive ads, you can archive it.

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