Manage status

Use status to determine whether creatives and ads are "active" and can serve in your campaigns. Or use status to determine whether click trackers and tracking ads are able to log clicks.

You can also use the "archive" status to archive creatives, ads, placements, and campaigns that you don't need to use at the moment. Campaign Manager 360 only shows archived items when you set filters to include them.

Change status in Campaign Manager 360

You can change an item's status in several ways:

  • Choose a new status in the "Status" column of your campaign view.

  • Select multiple items in your campaign view and choose a new status in the "Status" menu of your campaign view.

  • Open an item and change its status in the item properties.

  • Change creative status in your campaign or on the advertiser-level Creatives tab.

How status affects your items

Creative status

You can change status at the campaign level or the advertiser level. Either way, your changes will affect the creative everywhere in your advertiser. That means you cannot activate a creative without activating it across your advertiser. Likewise, you can't deactivate a creative without deactivating it across your advertiser.

  • An active creative can be delivered when your ad serves. An ad needs at least one active creative to serve. Otherwise, it doesn't have any creatives to display. For this reason, you can't deactivate all active creatives in an active ad.

  • An inactive creative won't be delivered with any ads. Remember that anytime you deactivate a creative, it will deactivate in all campaigns in your advertiser. This will prevent it from serving with any other assigned ads in other campaigns.

  • An archived creative is inactive and not included in your list of active/inactive creatives. You can view these creatives by selecting All or Archived in the Status column filters.

Before you deactivate or archive a creative, make sure it is not needed in any ads. Find the creative in your advertiser "Creatives" tab and open it. Then check under "Ads" in the creative properties. This shows you which ads are assigned. (Do this at the advertiser level, not in your campaign; you want to see all the ads in this advertiser that are assigned to your creative.

If you want to stop a creative from serving in a particular ad, you don't have to deactivate it. Simply set "Include in rotation" to No. You can do this in the ad properties, under "Creative assignments." Or you can find the rotation column in your campaign view. This way, you can remove the creative from rotation without stopping it from serving with other ads.

In some cases, your account settings may give you permission to deactivate a creative even if it is the only active creative assigned to an active ad. You should only deactivate a creative if there is an emergency and you must immediately prevent it from being delivered by your ads. If an active ad has no active creatives, a transparent 1x1 GIF shows up in its place.
Ad status

1. Standard ads

  • An active ad can be served to the placements you assign it to. An active ad requires at least one active creative. Make sure each placement where your ads are running has at least one active ad. Otherwise, only default ads will serve.

  • An inactive ad won't serve to your placements. If you deactivate all your regular active ads on a placement, the default ad will serve. Do not deactivate default ads on a live placement. Instead, ask the publisher to remove your tags from the site. When there is no default ad to serve, a grey GIF shows up instead. This looks odd and can cause issues for the publisher.

  • An archived ad is inactive and not included in your list of active/inactive ads in your campaign. You can view these ads by selecting All or Archived in the Status column filters.

You can also change ad status in your ad properties.

2. Click trackers and tracking ads

The status of click trackers and tracking ads affects whether they can log clicks on a site.

Tracker type Type of logging Will log Will not log
Tracking ad Clicks and impressions Tracker status = active Tracker status = inactive or archived
Dynamic click tracker Only clicks Tracker status = active Tracker status = inactive or archived
Static click tracker Only clicks Tracker status = unarchived Tracker status = archived
Placement status

Placements have three possible states:

  • An active placement is a serving placement that can export tags for ad assignments. Placements with this state are always visible in your campaign. 

  • An inactive placement is a deactivated placement that is no longer serving. Inactivating a placement doesn't stop the impression from serving in the following conditions:

    • An active creative or line item is still assigned to the placement.
    • The Campaign Manager 360 tag has been trafficked outside Display & Video 360/Campaign Manager 360.
  • An archived placement is a placement that can no longer serve. Clicking the placement link enables you to review the placement details. 

Note: An archived placement is not shown in your campaign unless you set your filters to show All or Archived or it has active ads or creatives assigned to it. You can unarchive a placement by setting its status to active. You won't be able to unarchive a placement after 60 days.

You can change the status of your placements by using the drop-down menu to select the new state. 

Campaign status

To archive campaigns, select them on the Campaigns list page and click Status > Set as archived. This hides the campaign from your list of active campaigns, unless you set the Status filter to All.

You can only archive campaigns that have no active ads. Any campaign with active ads is an active campaign (just check the Status column)

To view the Campaigns page, click Campaigns in your top navigation bar.

Status checklist for serving ads

  1. Set creatives to active and assign them to your ads.

  2. Set your ads active and assign to your placements.

  3. Export tags and send them to your publisher. It's best to keep placements you're using active, but this won't affect ad serving.

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