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If you build creatives in Google Web Designer, you can publish them directly from Google Web Designer to Campaign Manager 360.

How it works

  1. Build your creative in Google Web Designer. Make sure that your ad environment is set to Display & Video 360.
  2. In Google Web Designer, sign in to the same Google Account that you use for Campaign Manager 360.
  3. Publish the creative to Campaign Manager 360. In the publish dialog, provide the following details:
    • Campaign Manager 360 user profile
    • Campaign Manager 360 advertiser
    • Campaign Manager 360 campaign (optional)
    • Creative name
  4. If you included a video asset, you may need to activate the creative in Campaign Manager 360 after successfully publishing.

After the first successful publish, Google Web Designer will remember the user profile, advertiser, and campaign that you used and auto-fill these details in the publish dialog. To make changes, click the lock icon  next to Campaign Manager 360 in the Publish button dropdown menu.

Each time you publish, you'll add a new creative to Campaign Manager 360, even if it's the same Google Web Designer document and you enter the same creative name. To update an existing creative, select Local when publishing and upload the file within Campaign Manager 360.

For more information, visit the Google Web Designer help center.

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