Share events from your Google Calendar

You can share a link to an event with other people. You can find responses in the calendar invite.

Share an event


  • Even if your calendar or the event is private, anyone that opens the link can get the event details and guest list.
  • To share an event, you must sign in to Calendar with a personal Google Account.

You can share an event whether or not you added guests to it:

  1. On your calendar, open an event.
  2. Click Invite via link.
  3. To share the link, copy it.
    • Example: You can share the link using a messaging app.


  • Guests can:
    • Open the shared link in any browser
    • Find the event details
    • Respond to the event
  • Guests signed in to their Google Account can respond with one click. Otherwise, they must fill in their email to respond.

Basic troubleshooting

Important: Under “Guest Permissions”:

  • “Modify event” should be unchecked.
  • “See guest list” should be checked.
Learn why a link can’t be created
  1. On your calendar, select an event.
  2. In the event window, click Edit event Edit event.
  3. Check your settings. You can’t create a link if:
    • You’re not signed into a personal Google account.
    • The event is over.
    • The event isn't on your primary calendar.
    • The event isn't a regular event.
      • Example: A holiday, birthday, or an event not created by you.
    • You're not the organizer.
Learn why a shared link but doesn’t work
  • The event may be in the past.
  • The link expired after 90 days.
  • The event is deleted by the organizer.
  • The organizer has updated guest permissions after sharing the event link.

Tip: If the event was transferred, ask the new owner to generate a new link for the event.

Check the event’s settings:

  • If the event recurs: Generate a new link for every instance of the event.
Update an RSVP

You'll receive a calendar event invitation email when you first add yourself as a guest to the event. You can update your RSVP through this email, or by viewing the event in Google Calendar.

Can’t find the event invite in your email

Check your spam or junk folder.

Can’t find the event invite in your Google Calendar

Check your Gmail inbox for the event invitation. If you haven’t interacted with the organizer via email before, you may get a banner “Unknown sender: Not added to Calendar yet.”

To add the event to your calendar, confirm that you know the sender. Learn how to respond to event invitations.

Privacy & access

Control who can find the event details
  • Event titles aren’t searchable on the internet.
  • Only share links with people you trust.
  • Anyone with the link can open the event details and add themselves or others as a guest. This is also true for private events.
  • To deactivate the link, delete the event.
Edit guest list access

Anyone with the link to the event can see the full guest list. You can share the link only if “See guest list” permission is on. This is the default setting.

If you turn off event permissions to “See guest list”:

  • The event page link won’t work.
  • Invited guests won’t see other guests on the invite.

To turn off permissions to find the guest list:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Select an event.
  3. In the event window, click Edit event Edit event.
  4. Uncheck the box next to "See guest list."
  5. Click Save.
Prevent unknown guests

Important: People can still add themselves and others as guests through the shared link even when “Guest can invite others” is off.

To moderate event guests:

  • Remove unknown guests from the event.
  • To preserve the desired state, duplicate the event on your calendar.
  • To invalidate the shared link, delete the original event.
Fix issues when guest can't add themselves

Important: You can only invite up to 100 guests to an event through the event link.

If guests can access the event page but can’t invite themselves, make sure there aren’t too many guests. You can:

  • Remove extra guests.
  • Remove any groups and send the link to individual members.

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